Key Figures

Chief of State:
President Aleksandar Vucic
Head of Government:
Prime Minister Ana Brnabic


Government Name:
Republic of Serbia
Adopted: 2006; This new constitution was necessary when Serbia became an independent state following Montenegro's secession and the dissolution of Serbia and Montenegro. The constitution guarantees human and minority rights, the abolition of capital punishment, and bans human cloning. It also assigns the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet as the official script while minority languages are only meant to be used at local levels according to provisions.
Government Type:
Republic of Serbia Flag
Coat of Arms of Republic of Serbia

Index of Economic Freedom

Grades each country on a scale of 0 to 100, based on ten freedoms, with 100 representing the greatest amount of economic autonomy from government intervention. Source: Heritage Foundation (2023)

Country Risk Rating

A very uncertain political and economic outlook and a business environment with many troublesome weaknesses can have a significant impact on corporate payment behavior. Corporate default probability is high. Source: Coface (2022)

Government Branches

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle 1

Decisions regarding foreign policy, declaring a state of war and immediate danger of war, and passing enactments falling within the competence of the National Assembly for the duration of such a situation.

President is elected by an absolute majority vote through a two-round system. Prime minister is elected by parliament.

5 years


Reviews and possibly overturns previous rulings made by lower courts.

Proposed by High Judicial Council (HJC) and elected by the National Assembly.

Life appointment


Adopts and amends the Constitution, elects Government, appoints and dismisses Constitutional Court judges, president of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia and other state officials.

National Assembly (Narodna skupština) members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system.

4 years

Regional Trade Blocs

International Organization Participation [2]

Environmental Agreements [3]

Tax Information [2]

Tax Authority:
Poreska Uprava Republike Srbije
Tax Name:


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