Key Figures

Chief of State:
King Charles III represented by Governor General David Vunagi
Head of Government:
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare


Government Name:
Solomon Islands
Adopted: 1978; Lays down the framework which defines fundamental political principles, establishes structure, procedures, powers & duties all in regards to the government.
Government Type:
Parliamentary Democracy
Solomon Islands Flag
Coat of Arms of Solomon Islands

Index of Economic Freedom

Grades each country on a scale of 0 to 100, based on ten freedoms, with 100 representing the greatest amount of economic autonomy from government intervention. Source: Heritage Foundation (2023)

Country Risk Rating

There is no Country Risk Rating for Solomon Islands

Government Branches

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle 1

Has sole authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state, as well as executing or enforcing the law.

Prime minister is elected by parliament.

4 years


Interprets and applies the laws of the Solomon Islands to ensure equal justice under law and provides a mechanism for dispute resolution.

Appointed by governor-general.

Mandatory retirement age of 60


Enacts legislation as approved by the executive branch.

National Parliament members are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies.

4 years

Regional Trade Blocs

No Regional Trade Blocs

International Organization Participation [2]

Environmental Agreements [3]

Tax Information [2]

Tax Authority:
Information not available
Tax Name:
Information not available


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