International Business Research, a journal of Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, China and Asia and Globalization Review, a journal of MacEwan University, Canada, jointly announce a call for papers on Competition and Cooperation between China and Other Emerging Economies: Transnational Trade and Investment.

China has successfully fostered its robust economic growth in the past years, which has consolidated its status of world economic power. In the era of post-crisis, China is faced with challenges and competition from other emerging economies. How to tackle the issues of competition and cooperation between China and other emerging economies in the context of stagnated world economy and spreading financial crisis is worthy of special academic attention.

The call for papers seeks to deepen research, analysis and discussion of the issues of such challenges, competition and cooperation as China and other emerging economies are facing . We therefore call for papers that examine the environmental, social and economic effects of transnational trade and investment by China and other emerging economies.

We expect to publish the selected papers in the two journals. We are also organizing a conference in Shanghai on May 11, 2013, giving contributors of selected papers an opportunity to present and discuss their work.

The deadline for submitting the abstract for the papers is February 28, 2013. The notification of acceptance will be sent by March 30, 2013. The deadline for submitting the papers will be April 15, 2013.

Dr. JIN Xiaobai (
Executive editor-in-chief, International Business Research; Associate professor of international law, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, China

Dr. William X. Wei (
Editor-in-Chief, Asia and Globalization Review; Chair, Asia Pacific Management Program; Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, MacEwan School of Business, MacEwan University, Canada