The Chair of Business Finance at Flensburg University (Prof. Dr. Holger Hinz) invites applications for a graduate assistantship (50% = 20 hours / week). It is a three year appointment involving a two hours/week teaching load as well as some research obligations in one of the areas of specialization of the chair (eg Financial Literacy, Derivatives, Web-applications, others). Salary is competitive (13 TV-L). Successful applicants must hold a graduate degree from an AACSB-accredited (or equivalent) institution. They should exhibit solid methodological skills. International as well as consulting experience would be a plus. He / she will be expected to fulfill the requirements for a doctoral degree.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and CV no later than June 18, 2013 to Mrs Katzka at as well as . Send hardcopies to Präsidium der Universität Flensburg, z. H. Frau Katharina Katzka, persönlich/vertraulich,, Postfach 29 54, 24919 Flensburg. Germany Be sure to include this application number: Kennziffer 221323: Mrs Katzka will also answer any technical questions that you might have regarding this position. In all other instances you may want to contact Professor Hinz directly at