Africa is no longer the lost continent! Yet, the development of entrepreneurship is still in its early stages. If entrepreneurship is expected to contribute to Africa’s development, a great deal more needs to be done! This Special Issue of the JDE will focus on the nature and implications of entrepreneurship in Africa. Manuscripts may address any phase or aspect of the entrepreneurial process such as start-up, finance, growth, management, and influences of and effects on economic development. Studies may focus solely on one country or on comparisons between countries. All manuscripts must contribute to the editorial mission of the JDE.

The following are examples of topics of submitted manuscripts:

1. Women and Entrepreneurship
2. Roots of entrepreneurship in Africa
3. Special Opportunities and Challenges faced by entrepreneurs
4. Entrepreneurship and economic reforms
5. Cross-country comparisons and implications
6. The use of social networks (domestic and global).
7. Regional differences
8. Public Policy
9. Entrepreneurship education
10. Financing Issues

A double-blind review process will be employed to select manuscripts for publication. Each manuscript will be reviewed by two reviewers as well as being given topical considerations.
The length of the manuscript should not exceed 25 pages including all references, tables, and figures. Submitted manuscripts should follow the formatting and style guidelines provided in the Journal. Please submit your manuscript electronically by November 30, 2009 to

Special Issue Co-Editors: Peter Koveos and Pierre Yourougou, Syracuse University; Ben Amoako-Adu, Wilfrid Laurier University