Anthem Business & Management is a new series from Anthem Press that will publish
research monographs, reference books and upper-level textbooks for professionals, academics and students in these fields. Volumes in the series will be written by subject experts and may cover developments in all areas of business and management practices.

The series will also include authoritative, timely and accurate information on critical
developments in the world’s capital markets in areas such as hedge funds, regulation
and strategy, and practitioners’ guides in the financial services industry. We welcome
the opportunity to pursue co-publishing ventures with institutions and organizations
connected engaged with all areas of business, management and finance.

We welcome submissions of proposals that meet the criteria of this series. Should you
wish to send in a proposal for a research monograph, reference books upper-level textbook or handbook please contact us at: We also welcomeapplications for membership of our editorial board in this series, which should be addressed to the series editor.

Anthem Press is a distinguished independent international publishing house pioneering a
distinctive approach to the publishing of serious works across a wide range of subjects that appeal to academics, area specialists, students and researchers, professionals as well as to general readers.