The European single market has come a long way in allowing for the free movement of people, goods, services and capital across the Union. European institutions, organizations, businesses and private citizens, can potentially operate, compete and coexist within a supranational society, the citizens of which come from divergent cultural backgrounds of no fewer than 27 member states, that become even more composite as a result of an increasing influx of migrant workers seeking a better life in Europe.

Externally, European organizations expand their scope of activities following EU's leading position in the global political and economic arena, including its role in the so much needed Islamic-Western mutual understanding and reconciliation. This reality is reflected in the complexity of the European business, governance and administrative environment that demands a high level of cultural competency from organizations and their management. A cross-cultural know-how that can potentially become an organizational resource needs to be developed that will expand managers' effectiveness in a wide spectrum of international and home settings.

Yet, research allowing us to improve our understanding of cross-cultural management issues, in Europe and elsewhere, is rather limited. Researchers intending to address this gap are invited to submit their work to this special issue. Theoretical and/or empirical papers of both a quantitative and a qualitative nature on all aspects of modern management are invited. A European-Mediterranean perspective is preferable.

Topics could include but are not limited to:

* Implications of culture on managerial styles and decision making
* Culture and strategy: implications of culture for strategic decision making
* Strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions across cultures
* Implications of culture on management practice
* Corporate and organizational cultures
* Leadership in multi-cultural contexts
* Marketing services and products in cross-cultural environments
* Culture's impact on customer behaviour
* Ethnocentrism
* Cross-cultural communications and negotiations
* Management ethical Issues related to culture
* Cross-cultural perspectives of branding strategies.

Submission guidelines

Papers submitted must not have been published, accepted for publication, or presently be under consideration for publication with any other journal. Submissions should be approximately 4,000-6,000 words in length. Submissions to Cross Cultural Management must be made using the ScholarOne Manuscript Central system. For more details, please visit Emerald Insight and consult the author guidelines. A separate title page must be uploaded containing the title, author(s), and contact information for the author(s).

Suitable articles will be subjected to a double-blind review; hence authors should not identify themselves in the body of the paper.