Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) is seeking to fill positions as fulltime professor in Leadership, Change and Organizational Culture, Finance, Public Management and Corporate Governance. The Candidate must meet the following requirements: doctorate degree, preferably acquired in a school of high international renown; Fluency in Portuguese and/or Spanish; Interest and competence to work in executive education mad support the development of executives, entrepreneurs and public managers; It is desirable that she/he have business experience.

THE SCHOOL FDC is a Brazilian business school with international standard and performance focused on the development and training of executives, entrepreneurs and public managers. FDC believes that solutions for organizational development are co-created with organizations, from the connection between theory and practice. To this end, it promotes dialogue and listening with organizations, building integrated educational solutions with them. FDC has strong relationships with important leaderships and large and medium-sized organizations, as well as the third sector.


Applicants must hold a doctorate in area related to the management topics mentioned above, as well as a publication record in academic journals, as well as books and articles in magazines, periodicals and other media aimed at the business public. We look for candidates with interest and ability in:

  • Teach your subject of expertise with varied approaches for audiences of different academic and professional levels;
  • Have listening skills, proposition and technical coordination of multidisciplinary educational solutions, including interventions, in different contexts and complexities;
  • Competence to conduct research applied to executive education and individual or organizational development;
  • Participate in knowledge networks outside the FDC, such as research groups and international organizations in their subject of expertise, etc;
  • Articulate cutting-edge knowledge and academic research into language that is attractive to the corporate public.


All interested send your curriculum to For further information about FDC, please access our website It is also important that the candidate resides in the cities of Belo Horizonte, São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Pre-selected candidates in the curriculum vitae will be asked to submit a cover letter, selection of three relevant papers, didactic assessment and up to three letters of recommendation.