Are you interested in contributing a chapter to a new book project titled Digital Entrepreneurship and the Global Economy (Routledge, 2023)?

Digital entrepreneurship refers to business activities in the digital media and information and information and communication technologies. It encompasses entrepreneurial pursuits in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, and augmented reality among many others. The digital economy is expected to bring about $60 Trillion in revenue by 2025.  

Drawing from international contributors from different countries, the book aims to be a key resource on digital entrepreneurship within an international context. The intended audience will be academics, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, government leaders, consultants and policy makers worldwide.  

In this book project, I am gathering academics, scholars and thought leaders from around the world to provide their perspective on digital entrepreneurship.  

Potential chapter topics are shown below:   

   Chapter                                 Title                                                Word Count    


Chapter 1  

Introduction: digital entrepreneurship in a global context 


Chapter 2 

Understanding digital entrepreneurship 


Chapter 3 

Challenges in digital entrepreneurship 


Chapter 4 

Opportunities in digital entrepreneurship 


Chapter 5 

Digital entrepreneurship in small ventures and start-ups 


Chapter 6 

Corporate digital entrepreneurship  


Chapter 7 

Digital entrepreneurship and its local and international ecosystem 


Chapter 8 

Digital entrepreneurship and policy formation  


Chapter 9 

The future of digital entrepreneurship in a global economy 


Chapter 10 





A country or international angle on the above topics is highly recommended. Proposals for topics outside of the above list may be accepted, provided that there is a compelling rationale behind it.  Chapter contributors will have over a year to complete their chapters. Chapter due date is July 15, 2022.   

If you are interested in contributing a chapter, kindly submit the following to me via email in one MS Word file on or before March 15, 2021 : 1) Proposed title from the list of chapters above or an alternative topic, 2) 3 sentence abstract, 3) 3 sentence bio of chapter contributor(s).  


I look forward to hearing from you, and in working together to advance knowledge of digital entrepreneurship within an international context.  

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