This is the official website of Iran's Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. The site includes general information on the ministry as well as news. Only available in Persian.

The Ministry of Commerce of Andorra aims to encourage economic development by facilitating commerce, entrepreneurship, and the protection of consumers. This resource provides detailed information on legislation and regulation and a section for consumers. Only available in Catalan. 

The Ministry of Economy, also known as Ministerio de Economía, provides general economic information and news for investors interested in Argentina. Legal and taxation information are also provided alongside a detailed section dedicated to investment opportunities in Argentina sorted by economic sector. Some parts of the site are only available in Spanish. 

As the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the Republic of Armenia, this site offers information on the country's economic, industrial, and investment policies. It also gives information about the business environment, legal acts, and relevant news and events. 

The Aruba Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce, & Industry (DEACI) promotes investment and exports in order to improve the business environment in Aruba. The site provides information on foreign economic relations, fuel prices, and consumer goods in Aruba. There are also economic and statistical reports detailing current and future plans for the country.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides foreign trade and development policy advice to the government in order to promote Australian interests internationally. The site contains information on the policies of the department as well as the latest news relating to Australian foreign affairs and trade.

The Ministry of Economy and Industry is in charge of implementing all legislation and regulations that impact trade and economic development in Azerbaijan. This website contains economic statistics, information for entrepreneurs, data on regional and international development, and a list of relevant legislation.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce strives to increase economic competition and foreign investment through regulations and policies impacting trade. This site contains relevant publications and a listing of regulations and services provided by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for Bangladesh’s overall trade and commerce-related activities by implementing proper policies and regulations as they impact global and local trade. This website has information on trade and trade organizations concerning Bangladesh. This site is originally only available in Bengali; click the link in the top right corner of the page for the English version of the site. 

The Ministry of Economy in Belarus is responsible for implementing and designing regulations that promote economic competition and entrepreneurship while monitoring and responding to bankruptcy and monopolies in Belarus. This website contains macroeconomic data on Belarus, reasons to invest in the country, foreign economic and anti-monopoly policies, business reforms, and news and publications.

The Ministry of Economy and Public Finance (MEPF), or Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas Públicas, creates an equitable financial services industry in Bolivia. The MEPF site contains listings of applicable laws, industry news, economic forms, vice ministries, and citizen information. Some content is only available in Spanish. 

The Federal Ministry of Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina gives information on sources of internal and external trade in the country. The site contains general information on the ministry, its departments and offices, tenders and vacancies, and news. Only available in Bosnian.

The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI) in Botswana is responsible for the promotion of business development in the country. This site includes sections with information about Botswana's laws pertaining to businesses, the country's various trade agreements, and programs meant to help investors.

The Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services site is a comprehensive resource for Brazilian trade. The site contains information about trade barriers, imports, and exports all dealing with Brazil. An English version of the site is available, however, the majority of pages on the site are only available in Portuguese. 

The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics is responsible for implementing all policy that affects natural development in Brunei. The department's website contains links to current news, reports by the department, and statistics on the economy of Brunei.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a non-governmental public organization, promotes international economic cooperation and foreign investment in Bulgaria. The website contains up-to-date business news and links to other European chambers, trade fairs, and directories. 

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, also known as Ministere du Commerce de la Promotion de l'Entreprise et de L'Artisanat, is the government arm that promotes and regulates the development and growth of businesses in Burkina Faso. The site provides information on the policy and plans of the ministry, online documents, and a news section. Site available only in French.

The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for maintaining all international trade relations that Cambodia is involved with as well as encouraging private sector growth through policy and regulatory development. This site contains news links, material on Cambodia's free trade agreements, and information on new projects the ministry is working on.

Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is in charge of increasing Canada's share of global trade and building a fair, efficient, and competitive marketplace. ISED is responsible for regulating Canada's airwaves and protecting and promoting the interests of Canadian consumers. This resource allows users to apply for radio licenses, browse federal regulations, and report frauds and scams, among many other functions. Extensive trade statistics are also available under the "International trade and investment" section. These reports provide detailed information on imports, exports, countries of origin, and destinations for Canadian trade. The website is available in English and French.

The Ministry of Economy, Development, and Tourism, also known as Ministerio de Economía, Fomento y Turismo, is responsible for the promotion and development of the Chilean economy through proper regulatory actions. Features include studies and surveys in business, innovation, and a foreign trade procedures section. This site is only available in Spanish.

The Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China website includes news and trade information for businesses and a section on investing in China and global policy. The ministry is also in charge of all regulation of international trade as it relates to China. The site provides various economic data such as foreign direct investment, imports, and exports, as well as numerous policies and opinions.

The Colombia Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, also known as El Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo, provides detailed information on the ministry's structure, foreign trade, industry, tourism statistics, business regulations in Colombia, and domestic business news. Only available in Spanish.

As part of the executive branch of Costa Rica, the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce, also known as Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Comercio (MEIC), is responsible for developing regulatory economic and social policies to protect consumers and encouraging competitiveness in the market. The MEIC site contains information about the ministry, its procedures and services, and public consultation. The site also provides data and the results of studies performed by the MEIC. Only available in Spanish.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and SME Promotion is the official trade and commerce ministry of Cote d'Ivoire. The site contains trade, industry, SMEs, regulations, and news information. Only available in French.

The Ministry of Economy of Croatia web-portal provides information on the ministry itself, energy, industries, investment in Croatia, along with a few other sectors of the economy. There are also sections for press releases and news related to the economy of Croatia. Portions of the website are only available in Croatian.

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry provides information on Cyprus trade, industry, and consumer protection. The site includes publications, press releases, statistics, legislation, and lists of services. 

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic provides a variety of services for businesses in the country. The site includes information in regard to business support, foreign trade, consumer protection, energy and raw materials, and industry and manufacturing. 

The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs concentrates on improving the conditions for business growth in Denmark. The ministry performs economic analyses and suggests policy initiatives in economic growth areas. It also addresses business regulation, intellectual property rights, competition and consumer policy, the financial sector, and shipping. The site provides access to news as well as the ministry's publications.

The Ministry of Trade, or Ministerio de Comercio Exterior, is tasked with enhancing the country's trade sector and providing information for individuals interested in trade. The website includes information on the ministry, its programs and services, international agreements, and recent news. The website is only available in Spanish.

The mission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is to implement and evaluate outcomes of economic policies. The ministry develops policies that encourage a responsible and productive society as well as oversees industries throughout the republic. The website contains information on Estonia, relevant strategic documents, news, and contact information.

The Fiji Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MITT) works to create an ideal environment for trade, investment, business development, and inclusive economic growth within the country of Fiji. The MITT website describes the responsibilities of its numerous divisions and also provides users with recent news articles related to Fijian business. Links to relevant Fiji resources are also available.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) is responsible for creating businesses and strengthening competitiveness in Finland. Their website contains information regarding current employment and economic issues. The MEAE site also includes projects, legislation, publications, and news.

The Ministry of the Economy and Finance is responsible for formulating and implementing economic, financial, budgetary and fiscal governmental policy. The site provides information for individuals and businesses covering topics including the economy, indicators, and figures. In addition, the site provides relevant news, public consultations, records, and online services. Only available in French.

This is the official website of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. The website contains information about the ministry and its responsibilities. Other resources available include a media center, economic statistics and regulations, and a guide on doing business.

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy is responsible for policy and regulatory development that impacts the business services, energy, technology, and hospitality and travel industries. This site contains information on the various trade agencies Germany is involved with, as well as statistical data and policies.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) is Ghana's commerce ministry. The ministry ensures Ghana receives the greatest benefit from international trade relations and advises the government on trade, industrial, and private sector development. The webpage provides users with links pertaining to information on doing business in Ghana as well as news, events, and policy documents.

The Ministry of Economy is responsible for improving the business climate and increasing the country's competitiveness, improving and facilitating foreign trade, and assisting the development of enterprises. The site provides information for developing business, consumer protection, treaties and trade agreements, and investment and competition.This resource is only available in Spanish.

The website for the Trade and Industry Department of Hong Kong provides information for companies about importing and exporting, press releases, and trade and investment agreements. The site aims to lead and support the development of trade and industry by also providing users with information on trade relations and E-services. 

The main functions of India's Department of Commerce are regulation, development, and promotion of India’s international trade and commerce through the creation of appropriate international trade and commercial policy. This site specifically contains information on those policies, as well as current news, statistics, and contact information.

Indonesia's Ministry of Trade works to develop the country's trade sector and provide information on trade policies and activities. The site includes information on Indonesian trade, a country's economic profile, trade licensing information, a newsroom, information on trade representatives, and trade statistics. Many parts of the site are only available in Indonesian.

The Ministry of Trade for the Republic of Iraq is responsible for planning foreign and interior commercial policy, developing the private sector, and supporting and developing foreign economic relationships. This website includes general information on the ministry, trade tenders, and recent ministry news.

The Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation, maintained by the Irish government, provides information on many laws and regulations related to enterprise, trade, and employment. Some examples of information provided include rights for foreign workers, import/export license information, and intellectual property rights.

The official Ministry of Economy site for Israel is designed to encourage economic growth by offering tools to aid internal and foreign investors in doing business within Israel. The site provides business statistics, a detailed industry sector analysis as well as information on taxes and laws.

The Ministry of Economic Development is responsible for a wide variety of policies, including economic development and cohesion, energy and mineral resources, telecommunications, internationalization, and business incentives. Specific resources on the site are available in English. Otherwise, the site is in Italian.

The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce focuses on developing and maintaining industries in agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, and service sectors. This website gives visitors information on the ministry and its administration, along with general information on the projects and goals of the ministry. There is also a news section with current events and news relative to Jamaican industries.

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) provides a variety of economic information on Japan including statistical releases, economic reports, external economic policies, and trade information.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade for The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is Jordan's official commerce ministry and provides users with information on many directorates in the country. Other information is provided on the country's foreign trade policy and the competition laws within the country.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is the main ministry in charge of the Kiribati government's accounts, taxes, and economic planning services. The site includes information on the ministry's divisions, various investment projects, and financial statements.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait supports commercial and industrial activities and assists citizens in trade. The site provides information about various decision rulings and laws, economic and ministry bulletins, consumer protection, and market prices. Only available in Arabic.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is the government ministry responsible for governing and developing industrial and commercial activity in Laos. The site provides information such as trade laws, links to trade organization websites, and various statistics. Site is available in limited English.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA-BML) seeks to promote all sectors and activities of the private economy in Lebanon. The website includes information on services, news and events, and publications. The site is available in both English and Arabic; however, the news articles are only available in Arabic.

Lesotho's Ministry of Trade and Industry aims to make Lesotho an investment destination of choice as well as creating a multilateral trading system while maintaining high consumer protection standards. The website provides contact information as well as essential documents.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry is responsible for the growth and development of Liberia's economy and international trade. The site provides information regarding the ministry's current projects, industry, commerce, intellectual property, and the country's Bureau of Small Business Administration. 

The Ministry of Economy offers a variety of resources from the make-up of the business environment to investment and innovation within Lithuania. Export information and public policy are also provided.

The Ministry of the Economy and Commerce of Luxembourg promotes economic competitiveness, growth, foreign trade, and entrepreneurship as well as implements regulations for small and medium-sized enterprises. The site provides information about the ministry itself, its domains, and legislation. The website also includes news reports and publications.

Macau Economic Bureau (DSE) implements economic policies in the industrial and commercial sectors of the country while also regulating internal and external trade operations. Site content includes economic and financial statistics, descriptions of the DSE services, and news reports about the economy. 

The Madagascar Ministry of Commerce, also known as Le Ministère du Commerce, is responsible for trade and commerce related activities in Madagascar through the implementation of policies and regulations. This website provides information on upcoming events. Only available in French.

The Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) aims to promote and strategize Malaysia's global competitiveness in international trade. The MITI site contains knowledge on Malaysian trade law and current industry developments.

The Ministry of Economic Development serves as the commerce ministry for the Republic of Maldives. The site provides information in several focus areas such as licensing and permits, laws and regulations, and trade relations. In addition, the site provides various publications, annual reports, policy documents, and forms.

The Commerce Division of Mauritius aims to ensure smooth national and international trade and to regularly supply essential commodities. The site contains information regarding the division, legislation, and application forms for importers and exporters. Various publications, such as a price observatory, are available for free PDF download.

The Secretary of the Economy website for Mexico provides trade and investment information, such as competitive reports and foreign trade, as well as national and international standards, industry information, and relative news. Available only in Spanish.

The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) serves as an intermediary and coordinating body between the government and the business sector in Mongolia and facilitates economic cooperation with other countries. The MNCCI site provides publications such as Business & Development Journal, Business Times newspaper, and Invest Pro Mongolia. Registration is required for subscriptions. Although an English version is available, some site content is only available in Mongolian. 

This resource provides information regarding the Ministry of Economic Development of Montenegro, including press reports, insights into the functions of the ministry, and information on the current projects of the ministry that influence the country's business environment.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment, and the Digital Economy of Morocco is the country's Ministry of Commerce. It is responsible for designing and implementing government policy in the fields of industry, trade, and new technologies. Extensive Information on the site is also available regarding quality, market surveillance, advanced technologies, and innovation.

The Department of Commerce has a variety of objectives including the formulation and implementation of export and import policy. The site has information on acts and regulations regarding commerce and trade with Nepal. The site is available in limited English translation. 

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) in New Zealand provides information on doing business in New Zealand. The site provides information on specific sectors and industries in New Zealand. News and answers to frequently asked questions are also provided.

The Ministry of Development, Industry, and Commerce, also known as Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio, provides extensive information about investment laws in Nicaragua, including a guide for investors and explanations on the scope of the diverse international commerce treaties currently in effect. Only available in Spanish. 

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries is responsible for designating industrial policy and is involved in policy areas that affect value creation. The site provides documents and research on a variety of topics related to business. The ministry implements regulations for industries and ensures their compliance with the legislation. In addition, the ministry designs equipment and encourages research and innovation in trade, industry, and fisheries. 

The official web portal for the Pakistan Ministry of Commerce provides information about policies, statistics, trade agreements, and current events. There are also links to organizations and projects that are relevant to commerce in the country.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, also known as Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias, is Panama's commerce ministry. The site provides information concerning foreign and domestic trade, transparency, and the latest news regarding Panama trade and negotiations. Available only in Spanish.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, also known as Ministerio de Industria y Comercio, aims to promote the development and growth of private sector enterprises through policymaking. This site provides reports, documents, and a list of other related agencies. Only available in Spanish. 

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, also known as el Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo (MINCETUR), handles issues relating to foreign commerce and promoting tourism in Peru. Its website overviews the climates of foreign trade, tourism, and communications in the country and also describes the various functions of the ministry. Only available in Spanish.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is an agency of the Philippine government that aims to provide an environment conducive to the growth of enterprises and trade both inside and outside of the Philippines. The website provides information about the DTI, its programs, projects, and services. DTI's site also contains recent news specific to the department as well as a resources section that provides users with an investment guide, various trade agreements, statistics, and publications. 

The Romania Ministry of Economy works to improve the Romanian economy and industries, attract foreign investment, and harmonize its legal framework with EU regulations. The ministry website provides information about its structure, Romanian industries, export promotion, economic cooperation, investment, and tourism. Only available in Romanian.

The Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs (MITICCA) is responsible for promoting trade, foreign direct investment, and a competitive business environment in Saint Kitts and Nevis. The site provides trade documents, intellectual property rights information, consumer information, links to related websites, and press releases.

The Department of Commerce, International Trade, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs is responsible for encouraging and facilitating the development of the private sector through regulation and policy development. This site contains press releases, news articles, and relevant information on these industries.

The Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Office of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has everything you need to understand about considering trade and investment in the country.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour of Samoa aims to provide the highest level of professional service delivery to the government and the private sector. Their site offers an information portal for the services the ministry provides, including investment, labor markets, intellectual property rights, consumer rights, occupational safety and health, and patents and copyrights.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry aims to enhance trade and industry sectors' capacities and maintain beneficiaries' interests by developing and implementing policies and mechanisms. The site provides information such as trade regulations, business operation instructions, e-services, and news.

The Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Cooperation is the official ministry that governs and promotes Senegal's economy. The website provides information on current economic news, resources and information on investing in Senegal, records and publications on the country's economy, and opportunities to work in and trade with the country. The site isonly available in French.

The Ministry of Economy is the administration in Serbia that performs activities related to economic development and policy. The site provides information on regulations, macroeconomic and fiscal data, as well as news on economic development in Serbia. 

The Ministry of Trade and Industry offers information on the laws and regulations on the free trade agreements of Singapore. Resources on agreements such as USSFTA (United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement) and JSEPA (Japan-Singapore Economic Partnership Agreement) are available throughout the site. The site also provides the history and rules of origin pertaining to these free trade agreements

The website of the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology provides news, legislation, documents, and background information on the ministry.

Home to the Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the site contains information about the economy and trade with Korea. The site also contains current news headlines pertaining to Korea as well as policy issues.

The official website of the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation provides insights and analyses of various Spanish industries and information regarding the Spanish economy, digitalization and artificial intelligence, telecommunications and digital infrastructure, and communications. This resource is available in Spanish with very limited English translations.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) offers information about business in Sri Lanka. This includes state-owned enterprises, industrial estate, and industrial sector information. The site also has published reports as well as newsletters that are available to download.

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) deals with core issues relating to economic policy in Switzerland. The site provides research and articles on a variety of topics, such as labor, foreign trade, and the Swiss Accreditation Service.

The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade website provides general information about Syria and the ministry, along with country-by-country investment protection agreements and trade relations with Syria, Syrian exports and imports, export products by sector, and announcements on new legislation affecting commerce. Site is only available in Arabic.

This is the official website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). The site provides information on relevant policies, laws and regulations, and business guides.

As the main website of the Tanzanian Ministry of Industries and Trade, this resource contains information aimed towards the development of sustainable industry and trade sectors by promoting an efficient trade environment. The site contains information about the ministry, its structure, services, and publications. A section on various sectors of the Tanzanian economy is also available.

The Ministry of Commerce of Thailand (MOC) is responsible for trade and commerce related activities in Thailand through the implementation of policies and regulations. This website provides foreign trade statistics, as well as information on business development, commerce agencies, economic indices, and intellectual property in Thailand.

This is the official site of the Uganda Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives. The site contains information on many topics including ministry structure, government business programs, and trade reports.

The Ministry of Economy aims to develop the United Arab Emirates into a global competitive center, balance economic growth, and ensure active participation of citizens in economic activities. The site offers statistical reports and a variety of business forms, as well as information on laws and regulations.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is in charge of improving economic development and skills in the United Kingdom as well as offering information on climate change and energy bills. The site offers tools and the opportunity for grants to finance business, statistics, corporate reports, and UK government action on climate change.

The United States Department of Commerce (DOC) provides the information and tools to maximize U.S. competitiveness and enable economic growth for American industries, workers, and consumers through proper regulation. The DOC website provides information on current news topics, departments within the commerce organization, and economic analyses.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade provides news about the industries that operate within Yemen as well as news pertaining to the whole business sector. They also provide a directory of the companies in Yemen and publish a variety of statistics and reports regarding industry and trade. Statistics and reports are free to download in a variety of formats. The website is available in Arabic.

The Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Industry (MCTI) is Zambia's principal government body responsible for administering national policy for private sector development.  This site offers information on how the MCTI coordinates industrial, commercial, and trade matters with various public and private sector organizations to facilitate the implementation of government sector policies related to trade and industry.