is an easy to navigate global marketplace for over 24 million international buyers and sellers in over 200 countries and regions. The site features a product catalog, trade leads, and a company directory. Products are sorted by industry.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) produces the World Factbook annually. Profiles can be selected by country and provide information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues of 267 world entities. Additional reference tabs cover such content as maps of major world regions, flags of the world, and a valuable guide to country comparisons. The Factbook is available for free download in compressed, .zip file format.

Provided by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the annual Global Reports analyze the productivity of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial employees in 54 economies, spanning diverse geographies and a range of development levels. Research is provided through the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association of the London Business School.

The globalEDGE Database of International Business Statistics (DIBS) is a comprehensive source of statistical data. 2,460 fields of data are offered, which can be accessed across specified years and countries. Interested academics (i.e., students, faculty, and researchers affiliated with a higher education institution, government agency, or think tank) may download data free of charge. The only requirements are that you register on globalEDGE using an institutional (.edu or .gov) email address and provide a description of the study you are conducting using DIBS (each time you download data).

The World Employment and Social Outlook - Trends is a flagship publication by the International Labour Organization that examines the latest statistics and projections on several indicators of the labor market. The data includes items such as global employment/unemployment, continuing inequality, falling wage shares, and other factors driving the rising middle class. The report also addresses structural factors affecting the world of work.

The fDi Report 2018 focuses on global trends in cross-border investments. Key trends detailed in the report include the top destinations for FDI, the implications of Brexit, and regional FDI trends. Users may download a free copy of the report by completing an online form.

Produced by Warner Norcross & Judd LPP, this globalEDGE exclusive provides a thorough yet concise synopsis of major issues related to international trade law. Subjects covered include: exporting, importing, contracts for the sale or purchase of goods, joint ventures and direct investment, and a special section entitled "traps for the unwary". 

The Trade Law Compendium, produced by the member law firms of Lexwork International, provides trade law summaries for over 30 jurisdictions prepared by law firms located there. It also includes the U.S.'s most significant trading partners for companies intending to do business in foreign countries and some U.S. states. Summaries are listed below with the marking "a Lexwork International exclusive".

This searchable statistical database provided by the United Nations Statistics Division was created to provide current, relevant and reliable statistics free of charge to the global community. The database covers a number of different areas such as employment, industry, and trade. A single interface, customizable tables, filter and search options make sorting and locating specific statistical information easier.

Enterprise surveys measure business perceptions of the investment climate and can be used to analyze the link between job creation and productivity growth. Data is available for over 100 countries and more than 100,000 companies. Enterprise surveys may be filtered and viewed by country and/or topics; indicators are available on topics such as corruption, crime, finance, infrastructure, innovation and technology, taxes, and more. The site also has research papers, country notes, and enterprise notes.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a global international organization focusing on the rules of trade between nations. This site includes information on the latest news and developments on trade from around the world. Trade conferences, publications, calendar of events, and data analysis are provided. A useful trade topics section of the website provides information about a series of issues such as anti-dumping, customs valuation, textiles, tariffs, and more.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) provides useful resources to professionals, students, and academicians in the field of marketing to help develop essential skills to succeed in their careers. Membership is required in order to attend AMA's development workshops and conferences. The site also provides free resources such as information on local media, statistics resources. and marketing related articles.

10times is a directory for business event organizers to add and promote their events, as well as search for other events. Trade shows, trade fairs, conferences, organizers, and venues are all marketed on the website.

2Exhibitions is an online directory that allows businesses to add and promote their own events as well as search for other events. Users may search for a specific event and location by typing it into the search bar or simply browse the event categories tab to select a certain event type and industry.

The Chartbook is published annually by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, with past editions in the archive. The statistical indicators included in the comparisons are gross domestic product, labor market, competitiveness in manufacturing, and consumer prices. Documents are available in HTM and PDF formats. Please note: The BLS has discontinued updates of the International Labor Comparisons. The 2012 update will be the last.

The Academy of International Business (AIB) is the leading member association of scholars, researchers, and specialists in the field of international business dedicated to promoting impactful research, improving business education and practice, and collaborating with leaders in policy and interdisciplinary research. Established in 1959, AIB has over 3,400 members from over 90 different countries. The Academy has established regional chapters around the world to help facilitate networking and the exchange of knowledge at a local level. The organization publishes the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), a leading international business journal, and recently launched the publication of a second journal, the Journal of International Business Policy (JIBP).

All World Automotive is a buyer-to-buyer trade portal with four categories and more than 1,680 sub-categories. The site is ideal for manufacturers, import export companies, wholesalers, distributors, business services, and government procurement agencies. This trade site specializes in automotive, agriculture, and industrial parts. Free registration is required.

The official website of the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) contains information related to the ports of Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. The site includes a list of programs, events, publications, and other port information such as statistics.

Bid-On-Equipment (BOE) is a trade leads website specializing solely in trade listings for equipment. The site allows users to list equipment sales offers and also provides a clearance section for discount trade listings. Equipment listings can be searched by category and a blog is also included on the site for the latest equipment trade news. Free registration is required to access the majority of the features on the site.

Boomerang Carnets provides in-depth information on ATA Carnets, which are temporary documents that are used to clear customs without paying duties in foreign countries. Additionally, this resource provides a list of countries that accept carnets, as well as information related to obtaining a carnet. 

The site provides an annual review by BP focusing on statistical data on energy trends worldwide. Information provided includes consumption, production, and prices and can be viewed by energy type, country, or region. Reports are available for downloading and printing.

The National Institute of Statistics (NIS) functions as an integral part of the Ministry of Planning of Cambodia. The website offers statistics on demographics, the consumer price index, and national accounts. The NIS site has some publications listed that are only available for purchase.

CAPS Research is a nonprofit research organization dedicated to purchasing and supply chain issues. It provides research reports (focus studies) on critical issues in supply chain management. The site also includes benchmarking reports, CPO Insights, and PRACTIX reports of leading companies in their industry. Research publications are published generally once a month, and Annual Reports are available in PDF format. A free registration is required to reach most of the content.

CargoSmart is a global shipping and logistics solutions provider that gives companies the opportunity to use their resources to lower transportation management costs, streamline operations, and reduce the risk of late shipments. There is free registration for individuals and a fee for company membership.

The Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report, produced by the Cato Institute, ranks countries based on freedom of exchange, market coordination, rule of law, security of property rights, and other dimensions related to economic freedom. Current and past versions of the report are available in PDF format.

The Publications page of the Cato Institute contains research focused on the understanding of business topics such as finance, banking, monetary policy, tax, and budget policy. The publications are ordered by publication type and sorted into categories such as commentary, books, reviews, journals, and policy studies.

The Caux Round Table is an international network of business leaders who work with business and political leaders to strengthen private enterprise and public governance to improve the global community. Principles for Business seeks to express a worldwide standard for ethical and responsible corporate behavior and is offered as a base for better understanding among business and leaders worldwide.

The Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP) is an academic body focused on the global issue of anti-counterfeiting and product protection. The site includes the organization's current research initiatives, counterfeiting-related webinars and presentations, and an A-CAPP paper series.

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) is dedicated to making information available to researchers, policymakers, and the general public. The site focuses on the changing relationship between human beings and the environment. It includes their research and statistics and a gateway to some of the World Bank's data.

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is a non-profit associate of the United States Chamber of Commerce. Its goal is to encourage democracy through private enterprise and market reform. Specific articles, publications, and helpful resources regarding corporate governance can be found on the site.

The Centre for Management Technology (CMT) provides numerous conferences in industries such as agriculture, chemicals, and energy. Upcoming events are listed on the homepage in chronological order while past events may be viewed by month and year in the past events section of the website.

The CEPII is a French research center in international economics. It provides research, studies, databases, and analysis on the world economy and its development. The information throughout the site aims to aid private and public decision makers, international institutions, economists, civil society, and the media. Registration is required to view most databases.

Chemical Book is an international business-to-business (B2B) marketplace with trade leads for chemical and pharmaceutical products. The site provides buying leads and information on chemicals from many different categories and companies. is an online directory and search engine that provides information related to the chemical industry. The information is available through searches, and includes chemical names, jobs, market research, and consultants. provides information technology managers and executives with analyst research and technology news on business trends, strategy, and innovation. This IT-focused website also uses case studies of businesses worldwide to examine pressing issues in the IT industry. Free registration is required to access some of the site's "insider" content.

CMS is a comprehensive law site with resources on a broad array of areas of law, with a specialization in tax and European Union laws. The website provides publications, events, and a news section for various areas of business law, from banking & finance regulations to dispute resolution to tax law and many other areas in a categorized manner. A number of online services including e-guides, Law-Now, RegZone, and webinars are available for those wishing to become more educated in regards to trade law. 

Established in 1996, the Consumer Unity & Trust Society Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment (CUTS CITEE) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization pursuing social justice and economic equity within and across borders. The organization's website includes trade updates, an India corner, a media corner, resources, publications, newsletters, and events.

CUSTOMS Info offers free access to global tariff information for shipments entering foreign countries. The ECCN finder helps exporters find items that have been flagged by the United States government for export control. Additional export requirements, restrictions, and reference data are also provided. A free registration is required to view the tariff information.

An information portal of the Development Gateway Foundation, this site offers comprehensive information on international development projects and issues to people on the front lines of international development work. Through the organization’s AidData (Accessible Information on Development Finance) site, users have a single entry point to access information on development projects from participating organizations.

dgMarket is part of the Development Gateway. It provides free information on summaries of government-funded tender notices and contract awards. A search facility for projects and notices by country/region is available. Free email alerts are also available. There is also a fee-based membership that includes full-text versions of tender notices with contact information and access to the DACON database.

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) provides resources about worldwide companies, such as credit reports, comprehensive reports, and business information reports. Users can search by company name, phone number, address, and executive name. Registration is required to use this site.

EC Plaza is a global B2B marketplace offering trade leads that include offers to both buy and sell. Product categories are diverse and the site also publishes industry news and reports.

This global B2B portal brings together buyers, sellers, and trade organizations for international trade in the global marketplace by providing trade leads, company directories, and product catalogs. Also available is an event listing that provides information regarding tradeshows that the site partners with. Free and paid premium membership options are available on the site.

ECROBOT is a business-to-business trade leads bulletin board with over 3 million available product leads. Users may post their own buyer or seller leads provided that they register for free with the website.

ECVV is a trade leads website with the mission to facilitate global trade in an efficient manner. The site posts global trade leads from around the world and can be searched by products, companies, and countries. With an emphasis on China, ECVV also provides services that aid companies interested in exporting products to China or supplying in China. Free registration is required to post information to the website. However, users may upgrade their membership to gold, platinum, and diamond levels which increase in price and offer more services.

Euromoney provides featured articles on the markets of various regions and countries of the world. Each feature article includes extensive and insightful information on the business environment of the countries, banking, and investment, primarily from a financial and economic perspective. The site publishes benchmark polls, awards, and surveys. A subscription with a fee is required to view certain parts of the website.

EventsEye provides a database for over 10,000 trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences from all over the world. Exhibitions can be searched by name, theme, date, location, organizer, and keywords.

Expo Center International is an online event directory that provides a listing of upcoming trade shows, exhibitions, fairs and festivals, conventions, and conferences. Events are listed by industry and location, and users can also add their events to the directory for free. 

Export Bureau is a free export and import information directory. Membership to the site is free and allows direct email contact for buyers, instant online company history and fraud reports, and international trade statistics. For this particular website, only companies with dedicated websites are allowed to post in order to ensure the quality and integrity of trade leads. Products are searchable by country and category and a useful currency conversion calculator is available at the bottom of the homepage.

Export Bureau is an non-profit manufacturing and export association which only features companies with dedicated websites that are authenticated before listing. The site allows users to search for products by category and subcategories and provides contact information for the listed companies.

FAOSTAT provides food and agriculture related statistics gathered by the United Nations. The site provides a wide set of time series data on production, trade, food balance sheets, fertilizer, land use, and more. The database is searchable by country and category.

Fedvendor contains hundreds of thousands of postings in its vendor directory. Trade lead postings, government bids and contracts, market research, and opportunities to identify potential partners are available on the website. Fee based registration is required.

This site provides comprehensive legal information on international trade. Cases and codes, legal news, search utilities, and a message board are some of the many features of this site. There is also a wealth of information to be found on topics other than international trade. This is a useful resource for legal professionals, corporate counsel, law students, businesses, and consumers.

Food Logistics is a resource on logistics and supply chain management within the food and consumer packaged goods industry. This website provides various free newsletters that are published on a bi-weekly and weekly basis. The newsletters cover many topics including sustainability in food practices, software and technology, and safety and security in regards to agribusiness. The site also provides industry news and sponsored research.

Franchise Direct aims to provide a platform for investors to connect with franchisors and other necessary resources to be successful. The site allows users to search for franchises by industry, location, and investment amount. In addition, the site contains resources, reports, articles, and news.

The Freedom in the World survey evaluates the state of political rights and civil liberties around the world. The survey provides ratings and narrative reports for 193 countries and 15 related territories. The report has been published annually since 1972; reports from 2002 to present are available online. The Freedom of the Press Survey is an annual country-by-country worldwide assessment of press freedom. The survey examines press laws, political and economic constraints on news reporting, and cases of press freedom violations. The Nations in Transit is a comprehensive annual progress report on the status of the political and economic reforms in the emerging democracies and transitional countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

This site provides data mainly on the population of regions, countries, provinces, and cities. Some statistics on economic factors like wealth and infrastructure are also available. The site includes country-specific pages that provide detailed population data, as well as rankings of the world's largest countries and cities.

Global Buyers Online posts trade leads from importers and exporters all over the world. Marketplace categories include agricultural & food products, personal & entertainment, computers & electronics, household & furnishing, and industrial & automotive industries.

Provided by the World Bank's Development Data Group, this resource compiles data on household consumption patterns in developing countries. Although the resource includes statistics from 92 countries, it specifically focuses on the BRICS countries, including detailed market information regarding the provinces of Brazil, India, and South Africa. Several sectors of household consumption are covered in the database, including energy, health, financial services, and education.

Global Integrity generates, synthesizes, and disseminates credible, comprehensive and timely information on governance and corruption trends around the world. In addition to in-depth country reports, the site offers a proprietary index that assesses the performance of various countries over multiple indicators.

Global Manufacturers is an online directory that contains a listing of both products and suppliers from around the world. Each listing provides contact information for the company selling as well as in-depth product details. Upon registering, users can also post their own listings as well as sourcing requests. 

Global Sources is a business-to-business media company that facilitates global trade, with a particular focus on China's market, by providing information to international buyers and integrated marketing services to suppliers. The site features a search engine that can be used to find various products, suppliers, or business news. Free email alerts are also available.

The Global Supplier Directory by Thomas Global Register provides information on global suppliers in a variety of product categories to be utilized by procurement professionals. A free registration gives users access to the "World Industrial Reporter" newsletter for updated information on suppliers.

The Global Trade Connect section of the Global Trade Magazine offers searchable directories of companies that provide third-party logistics, trucking, and site selection services. The research and compare link in each of these three sections will help you sort through this site's database to find the company that best fits your needs.  

The Global Trade Review (GTR) Events site provides a listing of upcoming events and conferences regarding trade and export financing. These conferences and workshops are focused on international trade topics and are updated frequently. The site also provides a listing of events from partner organizations such as the Supply Chain Finance Community Forum.

Executive Briefing: Despite the importance of supply chains to firms, we know little about the intangible aspects of why some global supply chains excel while others struggle. The fit among strategy and knowledge elements is a key determinant of global supply chain performance. But, which knowledge elements should be stressed by which firms? Opens in PDF format.

Executive Briefing: Does your global supply chain adopt a narrow or broad focus? Is either of speed, quality, cost, or flexibility the key outcome in your chain? If so, certain elements drive your performance more than others. But if you truly go for the gold standard, your focus is probably on running a strategic global supply chain (SGSC). Do you know the drivers of a SGSC? Opens in PDF format.

go4WorldBusiness is an e-commerce website that provides a listing of foreign buyers, suppliers, and trade leads around the globe. It serves as a business to business and a business to consumer resource. A free membership is required before posting leads.

The site connects businesses worldwide by providing information on buyers, suppliers, trade leads, and products. Trade leads can be posted with a free registration; however, a paid membership is required for both suppliers and buyers when an actual transaction is desired.

The International Business Report (IBR) by Grant Thornton is a quarterly survey of senior executives at private companies. The report surveys over 12,000 businesses in 45 economies around the globe regarding economic and commercial issues of both listed and privately-held businesses. Results of the report may be viewed by the interactive data visualization tool provided by the site, or by selecting specific reports by year. All reports are available for free download in PDF format and an archive is available containing reports dating from 1992. 

Published by the Harvard Business School (HBS), HBS Working Knowledge contains excerpts of selected articles, books, and publications. It is organized by a wide range of business topics. The excerpts are available free of charge. While some articles can be downloaded for free in PDF format, others must be purchased.

HG Legal Resources is a comprehensive law site with resources for all areas of law, many referring to international trade law. The site provides links to relevant information and third party sites in a categorized manner. The current link will take you directly to the "Trade Regulation Law" category. The page contains information regarding trade law in both the U.S. and internationally, and also provides lists with links to trade regulation law organizations, publications, and recent related articles.

The Directory of Development Organizations is a comprehensive guide of over 70,000 development organizations that facilitate international cooperation and knowledge sharing in development work. Organizations include civil society organizations, research institutions, governments and groups belonging to the private sector. Information including contact details is available by region and country in PDF.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) exists to foster the influence and scope of supply management. This site provides up to date information on upcoming conferences and seminars for education and research on supply management. The site also has products for sale online, including study materials for those in the supply chain management sector. Other resources include relocation and affiliate resources which are only available through a paid membership.

The Institute of International Finance (IFF) is a global association of financial institutions, including the world's largest commercial banks and investment banks, a growing number of insurance companies, and investment management firms. The IIF site provides research and policy information on emerging markets, global and capital market reports, professional development programs and upcoming events. Some content is only available for IIF members upon free registration with the site. Documents are available in PDF.

The International Business Ethics Institute (IBEI) is an organization that specializes in developing programs for promoting global ethics. The Institute has published two books and maintains a downloadable journal, The International Business Ethics Review. Links to purchase the books are available as well as journal issues and specific articles in PDF format.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is an assembly of business executives of intergovernmental organizations. ICC activities cover a broad spectrum, from arbitration and dispute resolution to making the case for open trade and the market economy system, business self-regulation, fighting corruption, or combating commercial crime. This site features a comprehensive listing of business topics, publications, current news listings, and business policies. The site also has upcoming training, events, and conferences.

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) focuses on fostering local government management of cities and counties worldwide. This site provides information on services hosted by ICMA including university workshops, conferences and exhibits, and sports and tours events. In addition, the press and results network includes survey research, case studies and resources for instructors. Some publications must be purchased for varying fees while the free content is downloadable in PDF.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is an organization comprised of journalists around the world focused on global issues. The ICIJ pursues the goal of uncovering media biases and underexposed international stories. Articles and investigations cover international business topics ranging from international trade to lobbying. A list of current projects being undertaken by the organization is also provided.

The International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) is an organization with the purpose of collecting and dispersing information about global transactions to ensure the protection of consumers. The site has a section designed to answer common questions about online scams, cross-border transactions, and links to government organizations for consumers. The site also has opportunities for consumer experts to become involved in their work.

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) is a non profit entity that exchanges information on corporate governance issues, examines corporate governance principles, and promotes corporate standards and guidelines. Documents and conferences on corporate governance can be found on this site and are free to download in PDF.

This list of IT-focused trade events, executive conferences, and expos is provided by International Data Group.  The location and date for each event, a detailed description and URL, if available, as well as links to additional business information can be accessed through this resource. 

The International Database is provided by the U.S. Census Bureau's International Programs Center (IPC). It is a computerized data bank containing statistical tables of demographic and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world.

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is a public corporation established by the Canadian Parliament, whose mission is to aid developing countries through the use of science and technology. The site contains numerous publications, located under the resources tab, which deals with improving the economic, social, and cultural aspects of these developing nations.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) focuses on assuring reliable, affordable, and clean energy around the world through proper policy development and regulation. This site features energy statistics worldwide through publications and papers, newsletters, events, and workshops. IEA also publishes the World Energy Outlook, an annual flagship publication that is available in a variety of languages. Most publications and papers require paid subscriptions or pay-per-article; however, universities and developing country clients receive a discount.

The Key World Energy Statistics is a publication produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA), one of the world’s most authoritative sources for energy statistics. It contains current data on the supply, transformation, and consumption of all major energy sources. Some data is downloadable from the website.

The statistics section of the International Energy Agency (IEA) website contains numerous statistical databases which all provide information and figures about energy use worldwide. Also available are a variety of publications that cover topics such as energy indicators, consumption, energy balances, and emissions. These publications can be downloaded for free in PDF.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes an annual, comprehensive report about the energy situation around the globe. This report, The World Energy Outlook, looks 20 to 30 years into the future and bases its projections on the World Energy Model. The full report must be purchased, but the executive summary can be downloaded for free and provides an overview of important topics covered.

This is the site for the International Finance Corporation's (IFC) Corporate Governance (CG) Group. The GG group assess firms and suggest how to improve their structures and operational processes. The website includes information about the CG's framework, investment services, regional advisory programs, publications, and news. 

The International Finance Corporation (IFC)  website divides statistics into ten categories: from business regulations to entrepreneurship survey measures. The databases aggregate cross-country business information directly from business registries. The data includes 118 countries and can be viewed online or downloaded into Excel. 

The International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS) is a non-profit organization that aims to create high quality accounting standards based upon clearly articulated principles. These standards are developed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The website contains in depth information regarding these standards as well as press releases, publications, and a listing of events.

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) presents trade and logistic information about the international food service industry. It provides a wide variety of resources related to the logistics of the international food industry. The website contains information about issues on food industry regulations, food safety, labor, transportation, and healthcare.

This section of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) contains links to IDEA's databases.  The site contains information on direct democracy, electoral justice, electoral system design, political finance, and information on voter turnout and voting from abroad. There are also links to partnership networks that provide additional information on democracy and elections worldwide. 

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the UN specialized agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labor rights. The ILO formulates international labor standards in the form of conventions and recommendations setting minimum standards of basic labor rights. News, a list of resources, and events listings are available based on a variety of issues under the "Topics" section of the site. Additionally, numerous publications and research reports are free for download in PDF format.

The ILOSTAT site allows the user to access data from the International Labour Organization Bureau of Statistics. The resource includes country level labor-related data covering employment, unemployment, productivity, wages, injuries, and more. The database covers some 200 countries and includes information used to publish the Yearbook of Labour Statistics.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations specialized agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships. IMO was established by the United Nations and is currently based in the United Kingdom. The site contains a vast amount of resources on maritime matters, such as current news and informative documents. 

The World Economic Outlook database section of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) website includes key economic indicators from around the world. The data is the product of a comprehensive interdepartmental review of world economic developments, resulting in the World Economic Outlook (WEO) publication. The data is drawn primarily from information the IMF staff gathers through its consultations with member countries.

The World Economic Outlook is published semiannually by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The data is the product of a comprehensive interdepartmental review of world economic developments, which draws primarily on information the IMF staff gathers through its consultations with member countries. Past reports are also available for download in PDF format.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental organization that forms a bridge between the public and private sectors. ISO is a large developer and publisher of international standards. All branches other than electrical engineering standards are within the scope of ISO. The site provides "standards" which are documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics that may be used to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services are fit for their purpose. These standards may be purchased from the ISO store for varying fees.

The International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) provides businesspeople with conferences and events tailored to their specific business needs. Users may search for events based upon the regional location, industry type, and format of each particular event. Each specific event listing contains information on the event's date and location as well as a link to its dedicated website.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) lists member countries and sector members. This includes the world’s major telecommunication operators, equipment manufacturers, funding bodies, and research and development organizations. Basic information, such as languages, ITU Council membership, ITU region, and UN classification of countries is available. Additionally, mailing addresses, names, titles, and telephone numbers are also available on the website. Multiple publications and yearly reports are also available for purchase in addition to the free services offered.

The country page of the International Trade Center website contains information on specific countries. Each country page includes tables and graphs based on detailed trade statistics benchmarking the national trade (export and import) performance of the country, and provides several indicators on export supply and import demand. The trade statistics are available in web format, while all other analysis is provided in PDF documents. Information is also broken down by region.

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the technical cooperation agency of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) for operational, enterprise-oriented aspects of trade development. ITC supports developing and transition economies, particularly their business sectors, in their efforts to realize the full potential for developing exports and improving import operations. This site features country specific trade data, market development services, and business support resources. Additionally, various publications regarding specific countries, industries, and trade tactics are available for free PDF download under the publications tab. Also, a specific section is provided for exporters, which includes information on export management, quality management, marketing and branding, and more.

The International Trade Compliance Institute (ITCI) is a grant-funded initiative of the El Camino College Center for International Trade Development in Hawthorne, California. The site provides advice, information, training, and assistance on aspects of international trade regulations and compliance. Also available is a trade information database which contains over 900 links to trade-related information and a regulatory database with hundreds of regulatory terms/acronyms, laws/regulations, treaties/agreements, documents, and regulatory bodies.

The aim of the Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers (IUCAB) is to uphold the freedom and sound development of international trade, to protect and promote the common interests of the commercial agents and brokers of all countries, and to strengthen the position of commercial agents and brokers as independent businessmen. This site contains a useful database that allows manufacturers to search for commercial agents and vice versa. Annually published, a global and European economic outlook report is available under the "facts & figures" portion of the website.

Kompass is an online database in which every company worldwide participating in business-to-business commerce may be listed. The database contains nearly two million companies, and basic listings are free. Additional services are accessible with a paid subscription, or with pay per use credits.

LegaCarta is an online database showing ratification and adherence to major treaties, trade-related legal instruments, and trade agreements by country. This site also features a map created using Macromedia Flash technology to provide the information interactively. Recent ratifications and accessions are listed on the homepage along with external links to various international rule-making organizations. Free registration is required to access some features of the site.

Wex is a legal dictionary and encyclopedia containing federal and international material as well as other resources for those looking for information on international trade law. This legal encyclopedia allows users to search for laws relating to international trade or other legal topics. Wex is sponsored and hosted by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School.

Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) is a business-oriented association of 32 national and regional societies, engaged in the profession of licensing and other aspects of transferring or profiting from intellectual property. This site features national and regional societies, committee list and committee functions, along with events and conference information.

Licensing International aims to foster the growth and expansion of licensing internationally. Focusing on Germany, the United States, China, France, the Nordics, Italy, Southeast Asia, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Japan, Licensing International provides a forum for networking that serves as a source of education while establishing standards for ethical and professional conduct.

The Revised Guide to International Trade Law provides a wide range of links and resources dealing with trade and trade law. The information provided covers many subjects such as research guides to international law, international trade organizations, and comments and analysis on trade law. Guides on international trade agreements, links to country guides, and a list of statistical resources are also provided on the site.

The web version of Logistics Management magazine serves professionals in the field of logistics and supply chain management. The site provides an array of information such as current news, logistics research, and various supply chain guides. Users are also able to subscribe to a variety of free newsletters on logistics and supply chain management.

Low Cost Country Suppliers offers an extensive database of global suppliers in a variety of categories. As its name suggests, this site focuses on listing low cost suppliers and offers an online marketplace through which buyers and suppliers can connect. There are a wide range of categories including chemicals, electronics manufacturing, transportation, and materials. Free registration is required for both buyers and suppliers.

Machine Tools Online is a sourcing site for the machining industry, presenting a platform for users to both buy and sell. In addition, Machine Tools Online has free information in the machining community, including newsletters, trade publications, and a consultant locator.

The goal of is to help the metalworking industry conduct business more efficiently and effectively by bringing buyers and sellers together with several different databases. This resource includes a listing of jobs in the industry, auctions, wanted requests, directories, and events. is the online home for the Maritime Reporter and MarineNews magazines. This website provides breaking business news, information on events, regulations, and developments within the shipping industry. Videos and webinars regarding the marine industry are also provided by the site.

The McKinsey Global Institute aims to help business leaders and policy makers understand the evolution of the global economy and provide a fact base that integrates economics and management. Their research is listed by date and can be browsed by research topic or region. Topics included are: financial markets, labor markets, natural resources, competitiveness, technology and innovation, and urbanization.

The Fair Calendar provided by Messe Frankfurt allows users to search for events and trade fairs within Germany as well as outside of the country. Once location preference has been specified by the user, they are then able to narrow their search by business segment, continent, country, and city. From the homepage, users may also download PDF versions of the site's event calendars for free.

A member of the World Bank Group, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is focused on promoting foreign direct investment into developing countries to help support economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve lives. The site provides information on MIGA services, the regions in which the organization operates, as well as links to a variety of publications.

The statistics section of NationMaster allows users to compare various statistics across nations. It offers many rankings ranging from the richest and most populous countries to most generous and most athletic countries, and provides these rankings in graphical format as well. Individual country profiles with maps, flags, and lists of major cities and states are also available.

The Network of Business Language Educators (NOBLE) is a community that brings business professionals together in creating programs to develop globally aware citizens. The NOBLE project is funded by the Center for International Business Education and Research at the University of Florida. The NOBLE site promotes the value of language and cross-cultural awareness by providing business language resources on its site. This site also lists events and programs pertaining to global business education.

New York American Marketing Association’s GreenBook has two online directories: the “Worldwide Directory of Market Research Companies and Services" and the “Worldwide Directory of Focus Group Companies and Services." The market research directory highlights the marketing research services the listed companies offer, the audiences they cover, and the markets they serve. The focus group directory highlights the focus group facilities and the qualitative research services the listed companies offer.

Oceans and Law of the Sea is a division of the United Nations (UN) which provides information on all conventions and regulations involving the law of the sea, information on the settlement of disputes, and information on various maritime agreements.

The OECD Employment Outlook is published annually and includes an analysis of the latest labor market trends and short-term forecasts. It also provides a special section on earnings, job quality, and youth employment.

The OECD Observer is a publication of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It provides analysis of the global economy and social matters. The publication’s aim is to present issues affecting governments, businesses, NGOs, and civil society in a balanced manner.

The OECD Economic Outlook is published online semiannually and includes short-term projections for member countries, ideas on the appropriate setting and implementation of economic policies over the short-term future, and a review of economic trends and policies in a number of non-member economies.

Provided by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the FAQ site explains the often confusing Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). It shows how PPPs are calculated, the major uses of PPPs, the methodology used to prepare the PPP data, and when the statistics are updated and revised. The latest PPP results can be downloaded at under the Prices Purchasing Power Parities tab.

OFFSTATS, run by the University of Auckland Library, has links to resources that provide general and country-specific statistical information. The listed web pages mainly come from statistical offices, central banks, and government departments which contain social, economic, and general data.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) aims to bring together governments of countries committed to democracy and the market economy from around the world. OECD provides statistics, economic and social data, as well as analyzing and forecasting developments in trade, agriculture, environment, technology, taxation and more. Information about the organization and its members, statistics, news, resources, books, and periodicals are provided.

The Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises provide voluntary principles and standards for responsible business conduct addressed to multinational enterprises themselves. Specific guidelines targeted at Multinational Corporations outline principles and standards of behavior in areas such as: labor relations, environment, bribery, competition, taxation, science and technology. Includes specific advice on the implementation of standards and appropriate reporting procedures.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) website provides dynamic and comprehensive statistical data on a wide range of key statistics for its member countries and major additional countries. For each indicator presented, there is explanatory text including a definition, explanation of long-term trends, and references. Under each table is a link to an Excel spreadsheet enabling the user to access the data.

This page provides statistics for Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) countries on a myriad of topics including agriculture, economic outlook, health, trade, and more. Some data is available directly on the site, and the rest is downloadable through Excel.

The Global Risk Monitor (GRM) tracks the likelihood of our top ten global risks – the most serious and pertinent geopolitical and macroeconomic risks the world faces in the year ahead. The GRM’s rigorous and transparent methodology helps businesses and policymakers track emerging risks and measure their impact on geopolitics, macroeconomics and investor interests – all available through a user-friendly, fully interactive interface which links directly to further analysis from the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief. Resource requires website membership in order to view full report.

The Industry section of Paginas Doradas serves as a company directory. Search by category, company name, product, or brand. The site is only available in Spanish.

The Penn World Tables is provided by the Center for International Comparisons of Production, Income, and Prices (CIC) at the University of Pennsylvania. The tables include macroeconomic data covering 190 countries and 33 variables such as exchange rates, growth rates per annum, and constant price GDP per capita. Access to the Penn World Tables is available from the University of Groningen. Scroll down to expert data access to view Penn World Tables in several different formats.

The Pew Research Global Attitudes Project is a series of worldwide public opinion surveys ranging from people's assessments of their own lives to their views about the current state of the world and important issues of the day. The homepage provides links to featured reports, research, commentary, and survey reports.

As a world leader in trade statistics, Piers Trade Intelligence has a variety of products and solutions that address the needs of researchers and business people. One of the more useful resources is "Piers StatsPlus," which provides global trends, market share and commodity data across a multitude of industries. Products and services are fee-based, but users can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

The Policy Network is an independent educational organization that seeks to bring down barriers to enterprise and trade by informing its users about market solutions to public policy problems. Policy Network produces a series of publications on topics pertaining to trade, health, sustainable development, economic development, and international aid that are available in PDF.

The Population Reference Bureau is an interactive data query tool that provides a wide variety of data including several variables under population, employment, health, education, and environment categories. Complete country profiles are also available, which contain statistical summaries for individual countries around the world.

Premier Business Club provides selling and buying trade leads. While only members can post leads, anyone can view them. Trade leads can be sorted by region, as well as the language in which it was posted.

The Global CEO Survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers asks CEOs around the world about a selected international business topic each year. Video highlights of the interviews, key findings, and data from the research are available online. Available in PDF format.

Qlik is a software company focusing on providing business intelligence by simplifying the way businesses use data to make the best decisions. Also provided through this resource is a business discovery platform, QlikView, which allocates user-driven business data on a variety of organizations worldwide. This resource makes it simple for businesses to compare data.

Reed Exhibitions is a company that organizes trade shows, both for businesses and consumers. Reed has a portfolio of over 500 events per year, representing 43 industries and taking place throughout 40 countries. Events focus on a variety of industries, from aerospace and aviation to beauty and cosmetics to sports and recreation. The website has a list and search field for events it hosts.

Sponsored by the American Economic Association, the Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE) has a comprehensive document that lists all starting points for economic data research. The site contains U.S. macro and regional data, world and non-U.S. data, and finance and financial markets data.  The site lists more than 2,000 resources in 97 sections and sub-sections., standing for Small Business Development Center, is an online trading platform that links small business networks to international trade opportunities. There are trade listings by category for both buy requests and sell offers. A free registration is required to post trade leads. Various trade information and training programs are also provided on the site.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, dealers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants, and marketers. The objective of the SEIA is to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace. The website features information about SEIA's four focuses: 1) social awareness, 2) trade, tax, & environment, 3) finance & tax, and 4) solar policy. 

The South Centre, made up of over 50 developing countries, aims to analyze development problems and provide intellectual and policy support for developing countries, particularly in the international arena. The site provides publications on issues like trade in non-agricultural goods, intellectual property, trade facilitation, investment, and trade and environment. Users can also access news stories, events, and programs relating to the organization.

Statista is an online statistical database that provides statistics in a variety of topics. Industry analyses and industry reports are available for a variety of industries including: agriculture, construction, energy, finance, and more.

Maintained by the University of Michigan, this site provides an exhaustive list of statistical data sources. Information can be organized by topic or alphabetically. Some information is only available to users who create a friend account or who are faculty, staff, alumni, or students at U-M. 

The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) was formed to act as a subsidiary organ of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Statistics found within the site cover economic and social indicators for countries that are members of the OIC.

Surplex is a trade leads website that focuses on the sale and purchase of machines and plants for the metal, woodwork, and synthetic material industries. This site features a list of upcoming auctions, as well as an in-depth listing of machines for sale. All of the items for sale are located either in Europe or the United States. Users must register in order to buy or sell products using the website.

This sub-website, International Financial Statistics, within the official website of the Bank for International Settlements provides a wide range of statistical data. Statistics covered include the global financial system, such as the cross-border lending and borrowing, operations in the global foreign exchange markets, and external debt positions of individual countries.

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is an international non-profit association that promotes translation services, language technology and language management solutions. The member companies worldwide include translation agencies, localization service providers, globalization consultants and technology developers. GALA's site contains useful features such as a resource center dedicated to publications, news and media, and a guide to advertising with the organization.

Harvard Law School's Program on Corporate Governance is focused on facilitating research and scholarship on corporate governance. The website provides working papers, upcoming events and conferences, possible courses, and other online resources that pertain to corporate governance.

The International Economy Magazine is a quarterly publication that provides information on global financial policy, trends in economics, and international trade. The magazine is primarily marketed toward elite financial officers all around the world. Articles are available on the website from current and past issues in PDF format. A fee-based subscription is required to view some of the articles, as well as to receive hard copies.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is an international trade organization, representing the interests of working people worldwide. This site offers global news, publications, statements, and online bulletins, all of which strive to demonstrate the promotion and defense of workers’ rights and interests. The site provides a brief overview of various problems stemming from trade and also posts recently published news, documents, and multimedia about each topic.

A publication of JOC Group Inc., The Journal of Commerce Online is an interactive business tool for industry experts that provides breaking news, market analyses, sailing schedules, logistics tools, market data, and links to other important resources. Features include webcasts, podcasts, and videos that cover common commerce topics, such as maritime news, trucking logistics, intermodal shipping, air cargo, trade regulations, and trade logistics. Some content is limited without a membership.

The Legal 500 hosts articles containing information on new legislation, developments, and cases in specialist practice areas. All articles are written by specialists in their field. The site also features recent legal news and a search service. Includes directory of lawyers and law firms.

The New Humanitarian was previously part of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and is now an independent non-profit news organization. Formerly known as IRIN News, the source was created in 1994 to provide accurate information on countries and regions affected by crises in the sub-Saharan region, Central Asia and the Middle East. 

The PRS Group maintains multiple databases of country-specific information, reports and an international risk guide as part of its primary business, monitoring the climate for international business around the world. Domestic and economic indicators, risk ratings, forecasts, geographic and political data, and social indicators are all provided. Most statistics are only accessible to registered users for a fee, although there are free samples available.

The World Bank Group is a non-governmental organization that aims to eliminate world poverty. Made up of 188 member countries, the World Bank Group provides financial assistance to developing countries through low-interest loans, interest-free credits, and grants. Its site contains both data and research regarding development in various countries as well as a learning center with multimedia, blogs, and publications covering poverty reduction strategies and history. Additional news articles, publications, and information about the organization's past and current operations are also available on this site.

The World Bank Governance page aims to develop the Governance Global Practice to aid countries in constructing strong open institutions. The page contains a variety of resources such as videos and publications relating to corporate governance, external links to supporting institutions, a library of documents, upcoming events, and a "what's new" section which lists the most current blog posts and news articles.

A bulletin board for trade leads, Trade Boss lists offers to buy and sell categorized by industry. Visitors can browse the listings, but a free registration is required to access listing details and to post offers.

The Trade Show News Network (TSNN) provides a listing of more than 25,000 trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. This resource also allows and helps facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers in the trade show, exhibition, and event industry.

The "International Logistics" page on the website provides resources to assist businesses with developing global shipping strategies. Created for businesses planning to ship products overseas, the site provides information about International Commercial Terms, export documents, and tariffs., the U.S. Government Trade Portal, provides a list on its website of all official trade missions and trade events sponsored by the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The list is searchable by country, state, industry, event type, and date. has a worldwide database containing information about leads, searchable through country or region and industry. To receive notifications when a lead is added to the database, registration is required. 

TradeMachines is a search engine listing national and international offers of used machinery from auctioneers or traders for used machinery. TradeMachines provides trade leads on a variety of used metal- and woodworking, agricultural, construction, forklifts and storage machines. The site gives a comprehensive overview of the second-hand market of machinery. 

Tradeshowz provides a list of trade shows and conferences taking place around the world, which can be sorted by country, industry, or venue. Users are also able to search for a specific trade show, exhibition, conference, or exposition. The site also includes a blog and a section for submitting new events.

Trading Economics provides a variety of economic indicators for many countries around the world. Data can be filtered by geographic location, population, interest rate, and many other indicators. The site also includes quarterly and long-term forecasts for a multitude of economic indicators.

Transglobal Express is a logistics company located in the United Kingdom that provides useful tools for shipping products abroad. This website features an online rate comparison tool which allows international businesses to find the most cost effective way of exporting their products to foreign markets. Free quotes are provided and the site also contains a section dedicated to providing the latest news regarding international shipping.

Maintained by the Center for International Law of the University of Cologne in Germany, Trans-Lex is a free research and codification platform for transnational law. Users can find research in legal areas such as international trade, anti-trust, intellectual property, electronic commerce, and others.

Transparency International (TI) is a global civil society organization established to fight corruption in the world. It provides extensive information such as newsroom, survey data and statistics, global reports, region-specific resources, and various tools and publications on corruption measurements.

The annual National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers provides an overview of major trade barriers impacting the exchange of goods in the United States. It also addresses actions taken to eliminate trade barriers around the globe. Reports from previous years can also be found on the site. All reports open in PDF format.

UHY International is a global network of accounting and consulting firms in over 86 countries. Their website releases several publications regarding various subjects, including doing business, global transfer pricing, and case studies. All articles and publications are available in PDF format.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Transport, Logistics, and Trade Facilitation website provides pertinent information on developments in international trade and transportation. News and events regarding trade logistics are listed on the site alongside various research documents and newsletters.

Quick electronic access to comprehensive statistics on foreign direct investment (FDI) flows and stocks, mergers and acquisitions, and the operations of transnational corporations (TNCs). Currently, FDI country fact sheets for nearly 200 economies are available, as well as a link to the full World Investment Report. 

This publication, presented by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) elaborates on key issues relating to the globalization of research and development (R&D) and its implications for developing countries. It is a collection of submissions presented at UNCTAD Expert Meeting on FDI in Research and Development held in January 2005. The volume is available for purchase, but a limited amount of information is available for free.

The Investment Country Profiles created by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) present a country’s inward and outward foreign direct investment (FDI) flows and stocks, and activities and basic information about the largest transnational corporations within that country. Major sections in the profiles include a summary of major trends, the methodology used to define FDI, and a detailed set of statistics. The profiles are available in PDF.

The World Investment Report covers the latest trends in foreign direct investment around the world. One topic related to foreign direct investment and development is selected and analyzed in depth each year. Yearly reports include data on foreign direct investment flows in various countries and regions. Full reports are available starting from 1991 as downloadable PDF files. 

Created by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), this statistical database provides extensive coverage of topics including economic trends, foreign direct investment (FDI) in-flows, out-flows, and stocks, population, commodity prices, and many others. Information can be displayed as a chart or graph and be exported easily in several file formats.

The Human Development Report is an independent report commissioned by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). This site includes the Human Development Reports which can be filtered by year, region, and theme. Each report provides agenda-setting data and analysis. The report brings attention to international issues and policy options that place people at the center of strategies to meet the obstacles of development. The full report is available to view in PDF format.

Each year UNESCO collects statistical data on education, science, culture and communication in the UNESCO Statistical Yearbook. The website is an attempt to make the research and data more accessible and provides access to world education indicators which allows the data to be accessed by year, region, or country.

Each year since 1978, the United Nations Population Fund has published a report highlighting new developments in population. The report is available in html or PDF format. Previous years' reports are also accessible.

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), which is the core body of the United Nations system in the field of international trade law, provides information on the commission itself and its operations. The site contains preparatory documents, case law, conventions, model laws, and other texts.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development issues a comprehensive report on the least developed countries (LDCs). These countries are designated as LDCs by the United Nations and the list is reviewed every 3 years. PDF files of the report and chapter overviews are available for download.

The Pace University School of Law explains the purpose, the context, and the applications of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). On this site, there is an annotated table of contents on the CISG, the annotated text of the CISG, cases on the CISG, and guides on applying the convention for managers. These features can be accessed by searching through the CISG database available on the site. 

The United Nations (UN) Development Business, published by the UN Department of Public Information, is the official website for consulting, contracting, and export opportunities worldwide. The site focuses on developmental bank operational summaries, World Bank new project approvals, procurement notices, and contract award information.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) web site provides a complete and detailed set of statistical information and data on its 53 member countries. This includes demographic, gender, transportation, and social/economic trends databases. An advanced and user friendly search engine makes the search activity easy to use.

The United Nations (UN) Global Compact brings companies together with UN agencies and labor and non-governmental organizations to foster action and partnerships in the pursuit of good corporate citizenship. Several examples, case studies, projects, global news and events, participants database, and regional and local networks worldwide are available from Global Compact.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) helps developing countries and countries with economies in transition in their fight against marginalization in today's globalized world. It mobilizes knowledge, skills, information and technology to promote productive employment, a competitive economy, and a sound environment. Statistics, publications, weekly news, a calendar of events, and more are provided by UNIDO.

This site provides a series of publications from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) that address issues such as poverty, trade, energy, and the environment. Annual reports are also available under the flagship publications sections, which includes the International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics and the Industrial Development Report. Some of the downloadable PDF documents include a “Statistical Annex."

The United Nations International Computing Center (ICC) provides a wide range of computing and communication services, on a cost recovery basis, to its users worldwide. The center has recently embraced the Cloud Computing Model and now provides services such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and training services. Also discussed by the site are opportunities to work for the ICC as an administrator or intern for the company.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) promotes tourism as a driver of economic growth, inclusive development, and environmental sustainability. The website includes current industry developments and forecasts, tourism trends and marketing strategies, as well as a news section and an events page.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is an organization that assists people in need of help in other countries by doing things such as helping those countries protect human rights, improve global health, promote broadly shared economic prosperity, and educate the people. This web-portal provides information about the USAID's efforts to increase economic growth in developing countries. Many links to informational pages about various aspects of economic growth are available.

United Parcel Services of America (UPS) Supply Chain Solutions provides various services for international trade including transportation and freight, logistics, and consulting. Specific services include import/export technologies, customs brokerage, design and planning, and distribution.

WAND is a business to business directory listing companies for 172 countries in 70,000 different product and service categories. The site allows users to search by various regions or internationally, by products and services, and company name. In addition, users can search for products and services by various categories such as agriculture and forestry, electrical and electronics, and packaging. 

Wholesale Central is a business to business wholesale merchandise locator. This comprehensive directory of current and active wholesalers contains a number of product categories available to search. The site is not directed at the general public but instead at business owners.

The World Bank Data tab is a portal to an enormous database of world statistics. Information is organized by country and topic. A separate section is devoted to world development indicators such as agricultural development, economic policy, and the environment.

The World Bank Development Indicators publication is a compilation of the development data and statistics from their research publications. Data is sorted by country (across indicators) as well as by topic (across countries). Available in Excel and CSV formats.

Global Development Finance tracks the annual movement of international capital flows to developing countries and discusses selected analytical and policy issues in international finance for developing countries. The complete report is available online and includes over 200 time series indicators from 1970 to 2013. Available in PDF and Excel formats.

Global Economic Prospects offers analysis and advice concerning the prospects for economic growth, world trade, financial flows, primary commodities, and the impact of global economic trends on developing countries. It also provides global and regional economic forecasts. Available in PDF.

The World Bank's World Development Indicators cover a wide range of topics including agriculture and rural development, infrastructure, public sector, private sector, and education. Data may be viewed and filtered by indicator, topic, or country and covers more than 1,000 indicators from over 200 countries from the period of 1960 to present.

The World Development Report is an annual publication of the World Bank that focuses on varying economic, social, and environmental topics affecting the state of the world today. In addition to detailed analysis and data on specific topics, the report also offers selected World Development Indicators-- statistical tables providing instant access to the most current data available on social and economic development in more than 200 economies. The complete current report with statistical tables as well as previous editions are accessible online in PDF format.

The World Chambers Network (WCN) site is a portal that links the virtual online commerce space to the global physical business network of over 14,000 registered businesses worldwide. The WCN primarily serves businesses, chambers of commerce and industry, and economic development. Users may promote their businesses through a variety of tools provided by WCN. This site provides a free, useful search engine for contact information, including 40 million business owners. In addition, information is available on fairs and exhibitions, business opportunities, and chamber and commerce trade.

The World Cocoa Foundation promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities. The site helps to connect farmers and farming organizations to market information systems and provides a brief overview of the world cocoa market.

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is a foundation with the mission of promoting social and economic development in countries that produce cocoa. This site provides information including an entire research library covering scientific as well as socioeconomic topics. Some of the manuals provided by the site are written in French, but all publications posted are available for free download in PDF format.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is an international organization whose goal is to facilitate trade between member states through the simplification and standardization of custom practices. This site provides information on customs including procedures, a document database, issues and topics on customs, publications, and links to country customs information (most in the country's primary language).

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization that provides a collaborative framework which includes global reports on economics and social topics, an extensive network of members, and international events.

The report identifies and measures the underlying factors that contribute to high rates of economic growth in the medium term (a time horizon of about 5 years). These factors are quantified and then combined into an Index of Competitiveness. The website provides access only to an interactive map (link on right column) that provides the current state of world countries with various hotspots clickable for detailed explanation. The report is available in PDF format; rankings are available in PDF and Excel formats.

A report produced in cooperation with INSEAD, World Economic Forum, and the World Bank, the Global Information Technology Report ranks the world economies in terms of networked readiness and effects on economic growth and productivity. The rankings as well as a selection of chapters are available online.

The Global Risks report highlights the need for new thinking and concerted action on a number of problems. The report is published by the World Economic Forum in response to a changing global risk landscape. Available in PDF and supplemented by videos on specific topics.

The World Energy Council (WEC) is the leading global energy organization. Its mission is to promote the sustainable use and supply of energy for the benefit of all people. The site offers statistical data on energy resources and trends by country or region. Also provided is a news and media portion of the website dedicated to posting recent news related to the energy industry. Research publications on the website are sorted by publication type which includes strategic, perspectives, and leader insights publications.

The World Health Statistics Report is an annual publication from the World Health Organization (WHO) that provides analysis of the increasingly important influence of health systems in the daily lives of people worldwide. The report also includes basic statistical data for member countries. The current report is available using Acrobat (PDF) and there is also access to previous reports dating back to 2005.

The Global Health Observatory (GHO) is a resource compiled by the World Health Organization to provide health-related statistics from around the world. The site combines theme pages covering global health priorities and data sets on a number of indicators, countries, and health topics.

Developed by the United Nations University (UNU) World Institute for Development Research (WIDER), the World Income Inequality Database (WIID) provides information on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries.

The World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) is a software program that retrieves information on world trade and tariffs, which is collected from organizations like the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD), Commodity Trade (UN Comtrade), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Trade Analysis Information System (TRAINS), and the World Trade Organization's (WTO) Integrated Data Base (IDB). Free registration is required to access database and some data requires a subscription.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides useful resources on emerging issues regarding intellectual property (IP), various regulations on trademarks and patents, copyright and related rights, and a searchable database of IP data. WIPO also provides downloadable handbooks relating to IP policy, law, and use.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center is a valuable dispute service provider that focuses on the resolution of international commercial disputes between private parties. The site demonstrates how the impartial center has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the good of mankind by creating real wealth for nations. Also presented by the website is information regarding the two main services the center provides: arbitration and mediation. Information about expert determination, domain name dispute resolution, and news about WIPO are posted on the main page of the center's site.

Provided by the Population Reference Bureau, the World Population Data Sheet contains the latest population estimates, projections, and other key indicators for over 200 countries. 

The World Resources Report issued by the World Resources Institute provides the international development community analysis and insight with which to shape environmental and reform policy. The report is published annually, and previous reports are also available on this website. The site also contains sections on expert perspectives, case studies, in-country scenarios, and decision making.

The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) offers member services that involve marketing, branding, certification, and even careers. A global World Trade Center calendar is included on the site which lists upcoming events at various World Trade Centers worldwide. Also included in the site is information for cities interested in licenses offered by the WTCA. The site also contains news, events, and a media gallery.

International Trade Statistics is an annual report that provides comprehensive, comparable and up-to-date statistics on trade in merchandise and commercial services for an assessment of world trade flows by country, region and main product groups or service categories. The overview explains the main features of trade for the past year, an outlook towards trade in the current year, global trade and output developments, and more. The entire report is available for download using Acrobat (PDF). 

The World Trade Point Federation (WTPF) is an international non-governmental organization that grew out of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. This site includes WTPF organization information, a company directory, several trade points, regional trade point forums, and a news section.

Managed by a small private consulting company, publishes information and research about the World Trade Organization (WTO) and international trade laws. A comprehensive list of external resources categorized by region and topic is also provided. The site also offers trade news, WTO cases and legal texts, and a free resource library.

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) is a large-scale conference company that provides conferences and events in various industries around the world. From the homepage, users may search for events by specific industry or by the region they will be held in.

The World Trade Report summarizes the current state of world trade and global trade policy. Each year, the World Trade Organization (WTO) focuses on new developments in world trade or a current issue affecting the world. Available in PDF format.