Executive Briefing: Technology can provide a competitive advantage through product differentiation, unique services, cost reductions, and informed market segmentation. In addition, productivity is improved through gains in both data processing and workflow processing procedures. Together, automation applications can be evaluated relative to enhanced profitability. Using these three 'common sense' benchmarks provides a beyond best practices approach to the evaluation of information technology. Opens in PDF.

This article presents the drive of Renault from the edge of bankruptcy to the rise of its model Logan to international preeminence, fame, and success. At the same time, Renault concentrated its production in countries considered by the major car manufacturers as solely a marketplace and not the location of their production.

Executive Briefing: In his 2005 bestseller, The World Is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman argues that countries compete on an increasingly level playing field. But does that argument hold over time when tested empirically? In some economic sectors, the answer is “maybe,”; however, in most sectors, the answer is a simple “no.” So, what does this mean for global business strategy? Opens in PDF format.

Executive Briefing: Despite the importance of supply chains to firms, we know little about the intangible aspects of why some global supply chains excel while others struggle. The fit among strategy and knowledge elements is a key determinant of global supply chain performance. But, which knowledge elements should be stressed by which firms? Opens in PDF format.

Executive Briefing: The microfinance industry began through individuals and non-profit organizations that wanted to help the poor obtain loans for microenterprises. Today, microfinance is a growing industry, returning profits to investors and offering basic financial services to the poor. Since its inception, microfinance has expanded and matured in its global reach, legal structures, and product diversity. The industry's sustainability illustrates that programs designed to promote social equity can evolve into viable business models. Opens in PDF.

Executive Briefing: The island tourism market is a significant growth segment worldwide in international tourism. Penghu, Taiwan, and Phuket, Thailand, have become popular destinations for Taiwanese tourists. This paper will explore the difference between Taiwanese tourists who choose between Penghu and Phuket as their travel destinations. Opens in PDF.

Executive Briefing: What does it take to run a global corporation? Are there too many environmental and industrial forces to think about? What about the strategy and organizational factors? No worries, it can all be paired down to a manageable few. Opens in PDF format.

Executive Briefing: Does your global supply chain adopt a narrow or broad focus? Is either of speed, quality, cost, or flexibility the key outcome in your chain? If so, certain elements drive your performance more than others. But if you truly go for the gold standard, your focus is probably on running a strategic global supply chain (SGSC). Do you know the drivers of a SGSC? Opens in PDF format.

Executive Briefing: Brazil, Russia, India, and China form the so-called BRIC countries. This article summarizes the basics of the BRIC countries, including the impact on the BRIC’s by the world economy, organizing by the BRIC countries, economic and population changes in the BRIC countries, key strengths and weaknesses of the BRIC countries, and key issues for countries and firms to consider when doing business with the BRIC countries. Opens in PDF.

Executive Briefing: The global economy, growing numbers of dual income households, and the increase of international assignments are producing pressure on American multinationals and the Federal Government to provide career transition assistance to spouses/partners worldwide. New support programs emphasizing entrepreneurial skills training and internet savvy show promise to boost employment opportunities abroad. Opens in PDF.

Executive Briefing: India presents a huge untapped business opportunity for American executives, but many myths hinder the success of Western companies in India. Five common fallacies ranging from outsourcing, to finance, to marketing, are discussed in this article. Opens in PDF.

The Health and Economic Effects of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals in Africa is an article of the globalEDGE business review that describes the negative impacts of pharmaceutical product counterfeiting in Africa. The in-depth analysis provides several cause and effect relationships in the context of the drug industry with research from the Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Program at Michigan State University.

Executive Briefing: The U.S.–Colombia Free Trade Agreement has received significant attention in the U.S. news media throughout the past decade. Therefore, it is important to understand what the U.S.–Colombia agreement is designed to do, why U.S. businesses support it, why there is opposition to it, and how it relates to other trade agreements involving the U.S. and other Latin American countries. Opens in PDF.