Country Specific | Global | Region Specific is an easy to navigate global marketplace for over 24 million international buyers and sellers in over 200 countries and regions. The site features a product catalog, trade leads, and a company directory. Products are sorted by industry.

Managed by the Office of Government Procurement, eTenders helps visitors find tender notices all across Ireland. Buyers have the ability to establish notices while suppliers are given a chance to learn about the latest business opportunities. The site also offers legislation and guides on public procurement as well as notices available through a business sector search. A free registration is necessary to access the buyer and supplier pages.

All World Automotive is a buyer-to-buyer trade portal with 4 categories and more than 1,680 sub-categories. The site is ideal for manufacturers, import export companies, wholesalers, distributors, business services, and government procurement agencies. This trade site specializes in automotive, agriculture and industrial parts. Free registration is required.

Asia Manufacturer is a website dedicated to posting trade leads solely originating from Asia. Its aim is to increase foreign trade between Asia and other nations interested in the trade leads provided. Leads can be searched by selling leads, manufacturers, products, and buying leads in the search bar at the top of the homepage. Free membership is required in order to use this site.

Asia Trade Hub is a B2B trading portal which offers interested companies the ability to introduce their products to international buyers and allow them to search for products as well. Membership is free of cost, but necessary to post ads for both buyers and sellers. Users may browse leads by category or country.

Asian Products is a search engine for over twenty categories of products. These categories include industrial products, computers, office products, and much more. There is also a listing of products being sold/bought to help connect buyers with suppliers.

Australian Exporters is a fully searchable directory of Australian exporters listing each company’s main products as well as size, turnover, and contacts. This site also includes information on expanding export operations, market research, and trade agreements.

Bid-On-Equipment (BOE) is a trade leads website specializing solely on trade listings for equipment. The site allows users to list equipment sales offers and also provides a clearance section for discount trade listings. Equipment listings can be searched by category and a blog is also included on the site for the latest equipment trade news. Free registration is required to access the majority of the features on the site.

B2Brazil is a B2B marketplace for promoting trade and transactions with Brazil. B2Brazil provides a searchable online directory of Brazil's companies, as well as products and services. Online resources and tools are also available to help users conduct business in Brazil.

The Brazilian Exporters Directory was created by the Foreign Trade Operations Department and the Secretariat of Foreign Trade. The directory provides information on more than 10,000 companies with company names, products of each company, and the total value of exports.

Chemical Book is an international business-to-business (B2B) marketplace with trade leads for chemical and pharmaceutical products. The site provides buying leads and information on chemicals from many different categories and companies. is an international business-to-business website aimed at helping business people find manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, and suppliers from Taiwan and China. Also available are buyer/supplier services and trade leads searchable by product category.

The directory is a trade directory that provides trade leads and information on trade shows, manufacturers, and products pertaining to the greater China area. Users may search by the category of products and manufacturers or browse the recently posted trade leads. The listings available on the website include products and manufacturers from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. aims to connect Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, and traders with global buyers. The resource offers trade leads, company directories, a listing of trade shows in China, business news and opinions, and industry reports.

Trader China is an international business to business portal providing trade opportunities for global importers and Chinese exporters. It has an index of manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and product information. Products from multiple industries are listed on this site including agriculture, automobile, chemical, apparel, computer, electronic, and industrial supply products.

Tradesparq matches buyers with Chinese suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters, by product or shipments. Search results allow you to use your network to verify potential trade partners. Also offered by the site is a customs database that allows users to search by keyword. The database is free of charge to those who register as members.

CUSTOMS Info offers free access to global tariff information for shipments entering foreign countries. The ECCN finder helps exporters find items that have been flagged by the United States government for export control. Additional export requirements, restrictions, and reference data is also provided. A free registration is required to view the tariff information.

dgMarket is part of the Development Gateway. It provides free information on summaries of government-funded tender notices and contract awards. A search facility for projects and notices by country/region is available. Free email alerts are also available. There is also a fee-based membership that includes full-text versions of tender notices with contact information and access to the DACON database.

EC Plaza is a global B2B marketplace offering trade leads that include offers to both buy and sell. Product categories are diverse and the site also publishes industry news and reports.

This global B2B portal brings together buyers, sellers, and trade organizations for international trade in the global marketplace by providing trade leads, company directories, and product catalogs. Also available is an events listing that provides information regarding tradeshows that the site partners with. Free and paid premium membership options are available on the site.

Ec51 B2B Marketplace provides a considerable amount of trade leads for various goods. Goods are organized by product category and the user can find buyer/seller contact information and links to specific company websites.

ECROBOT is a business-to-business trade leads bulletin board with over 3 million available product leads. Users may post their own buyer or seller leads provided that they register for free with the website.

ECVV is a trade leads website with the mission to facilitate global trade in an efficient manner. The site posts global trade leads from around the world and can be searched by products, companies, and countries. With an emphasis on China, ECVV also provides services that aid companies interested in exporting products to China or supplying in China. Free registration is required to post information to the website, however, users may upgrade their membership to gold, platinum, and diamond levels which increase in price and offer more services.

eMarket Services provides a directory of e-marketplaces, which can be searched by location, industry, and trading functions. Details and a description of the function of each e-market are also provided. In addition, there is basic information on e-markets and e-business issues. There are also suggestions on which e-markets would prove to be most suitable for each company. The Cases and Reports section provides case studies of companies with e-business experience. An electronic newsletter is also made available for sign-up.

Export Bureau is a free export and import information directory. Membership to the site is free and allows direct email contact for buyers, instant online company history and fraud reports, and international trade statistics. For this particular website, only companies with dedicated websites are allowed to post in order to ensure the quality and integrity of trade leads. Products are searchable by country and category and a useful currency conversion calculator is available at the bottom of the homepage. has a worldwide database containing information about leads, searchable through country or region and industry. To receive notifications when a lead is added to the database, registration is required. is an online B2B marketplace that allows users to search for products by industry and company. Also available on the site are numerous buy offers that allow users to promote their own products. Registration with the site is free and allows users to post their own trade leads as well.  

Fedvendor contains hundreds of thousands of postings in its vendor directory. Trade lead postings, government bids and contracts, market research, and opportunities to identify potential partners are available on the website. Fee based registration is required.

"You Buy France" is the official business-to-business directory for French suppliers and exporters. The site provides a business directory, as well as a recent news and events directory, where you can filter by industry and location.

This module is the product of a partnership between the U.S. Commercial Service and the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). This module covers U.S. Commercial Service programs, Department of Commerce agencies, and municipal government assistance. There is also a case study included on the business SCIFIT Systems Inc.

Global Buyers Online posts trade leads from importers and exporters all over the world. Marketplace categories include agricultural & food products, personal & entertainment, computers & electronics, household & furnishing, and industrial & automotive industries.

Global Sources is a business-to-business media company that facilitates global trade, with a particular focus on China's market, by providing information to international buyers and integrated marketing services to suppliers. The site features a search engine that can be used to find various products, suppliers, or business news. Free email alerts are also available.

Global Trade Village (GTV) provides an open bid platform for buyers and sellers, allowing them to get better prices for their goods. There is a consolidation program offered to make small orders more economically possible. GTV also ships the product to the buyer through its network of contacts. Fees may apply for those services that go beyond just searching for vendors.

The site connects businesses worldwide by providing information on buyers, suppliers, trade leads, and products. Trade leads can be posted with a free registration; however, a paid membership is required for both suppliers and buyers when an actual transaction is desired.

go4WorldBusiness is an e-commerce website that provides a listing of foreign buyers, suppliers, and trade leads around the globe. It serves as a business to business and a business to consumer resource. A free membership is required before posting leads.

Greek Exporters is a source for information on Greek products and services including contact information on Greek exporters and importers. Users can also post requests and offers for business opportunities to be sent to the companies in the database. A free subscription is required to access publications.

The mission of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is to promote trade within Hong Kong by creating opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to partner with global service and product providers. The HKTDC site allows users to view and post trade leads as well as search for specific service or product providers. Other features on the website include a listing of events, research conducted by the council, news, and a blog/forum.

Infobanc is a B2B e-commerce portal that provides bulletins with buy/sell offers from Indian manufacturers, exporters, importers, and international traders. Free registration is required to view some contact information of the traders.

Locate India is a trade portal that allows buyers and sellers to post listings for Indian products and services. The site contains information on exporters and manufacturers, service providers, tourism, finance, and a guide to exporting and importing. A company directory is also provided and allows users to locate specific businesses by the type of products being sold.

Tradeindia is India's largest business-to-business site that offers information on trade shows, export-import opportunity listings, a bulletin board, and importer and exporter company directories.

IndiaMART is an online marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to connect global buyers with suppliers. This site primarily contains products posted by sellers and buyers originating in India, but there are multiple companies from other countries posting offers as well. Users can see the latest postings for products and buy leads on the homepage, as well as search for listings by industry category.

Iraq-Business News provides opportunities for various foreign and domestic companies that operate in Iraq to trade and do business together. Recent Iraq business news is available on the website along with job and stock market reports on different types of industries. In order to post and respond to tenders, registration is required. Users also have the option to subscribe to the site's newsletter. 

Machine Tools Online is a sourcing site for the machining industry, presenting a platform for users to both buy and sell. In addition, Machine Tools Online has free information in the machining community including newsletters, trade publications, and a consultant locator.

The goal of is to help the metalworking industry conduct business more efficiently and effectively by bringing buyers and sellers together with several different databases. This resource includes a listing of jobs in the industry, auctions, wanted requests, directories, and events.

MaxTrader supports import and exports throughout Europe and it provides a platform for entrepreneurs to sell their products online. Products, companies, selling leads, and buying leads are posted to the homepage to allow for efficient searching. Also provided by MaxTrader is the ability to search for trade shows by industry or product type to increase trade relations with others in that field., offers buyers and sellers a trade directory and marketplace on doing business with Latin America and the Caribbean. Users of the site can find products, business services, tax-free zones, tradeshows, franchises, and real estate.

Openkontakt is an online business-to-business website that provides users with useful information related to international business, trade, exports, and imports. Most recent trade leads are posted on the homepage, but are also searchable by sector. Although it is a Polish company, the website is used by buyers and sellers from numerous different countries.

Premier Business Club provides selling and buying trade leads. While only members can post leads, anyone can view them. Trade leads can be sorted by region, as well as the language in which it was posted.

Russian business directory, OpenRussia, includes buying and selling offers from Russian companies as well as information relating to customs clearance and the documents required for foreign trade activities. Business news and upcoming events are also listed on the site. The site is only available in Russian., standing for Small Business Development Center, is an online trading platform that links small business networks to international trade opportunities. There are trade listings by category for both buy requests and sell offers. A free registration is required to post trade leads. Various trade information and training programs are also provided on the site.

Developed by the national trade promotion organization of Korea, Buy Korea offers international trade leads and customized tender notification services. Users may search and post trade leads by specific product or product category as it appears on the homepage. Free registration is required to post on the website. provides trade leads on a variety of products in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries along with others. This site is a marketplace where international buyers can get in touch with South Korean suppliers over the Internet. A free registration is necessary in order to post to the website.

Surplex is a trade leads website that focuses on the sale and purchase of machines and plants for the metal, woodwork, and synthetic material industries. This site features a list of upcoming auctions, as well as an in-depth listing of machines for sale. All of the for sale items are located either in Europe or the United States. Users must register in order to buy or sell products using the website.

Taiwan & China Products Online contains product and supplier databases that allow users to search for trade leads in China and Taiwan.

Taiwantrade is an online trading hub designed for business-to-business transactions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Users can search by product type, supplier, and sample. Trade news and events are also available on the homepage.  

Tender’s Electronic Daily (TED) is the online version of the "Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union" and provides business opportunities for countries within the European Union. The website also provides an RSS feed that offers the latest news about the business sectors covered by TED. Registration is required to access some of the information on this site.

Thai Trade provides an extensive list of possible trade leads for numerous product categories. The site includes specific sections for buyers and sellers as well as a press center section with trade news related to Thailand. Buyers and sellers must register for free with the website to access all of its features.

Trade Asia provides actual and potential traders with data about business and market opportunities in Asia and information for potential buyers and suppliers. It has exchanged trade data with numerous trade points and a number of online trade sites around the world since 1996. In addition, it has close ties, and has been involved in active exchanges of trade data, with several world renowned trade organizations.

A bulletin board for trade leads, Trade Boss lists offers to buy and sell categorized by industry. Visitors can browse the listings, but a free registration is required for accessing listing details and for posting offers.

TradeMachines is a search engine, listing national and international offers of used machinery from auctioneers or traders for used machinery. TradeMachines provides trade leads on a variety of used metal- and woodworking, agricultural, construction, forklifts and storage machines. The site gives a comprehensive overview of the second hand market of machinery. 

 Business Opportunities from Turkey (BOFT) is hosted by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). This site lists thousands of trade leads within the county for exporting and importing.

The United States Global Trade Network (USGTN) was created by the United States Agency for International Development's (USAID) Office of Business Development to connect exporters with resources. The USGTN is a trade leads system for U.S. firms from private sources in USAID mission regions. Users are offered services ranging from export planning to international buyer website optimization. Registration for the site is required and fees for these services are at no or nominal cost.

Bizviet is a business-to-business portal where global suppliers, wholesalers, importers, and exporters can create trade opportunities with Vietnamese businesses through the posting of trade leads. New trade leads are posted daily in the "new trade leads" tab. Website users may browse through trade leads based upon industry on the homepage and also post their own leads by registering for a free membership with Bizviet.

Wholesale Central is a business to business wholesale merchandise locator. This comprehensive directory of current and active wholesalers contains a number of product categories available to search. The site is not directed at the general public but instead business owners.