Dental Practices and Supplies

This segment is focused upon providing general as well as cosmetic dental services. Also included is equipment, instruments, and supplies used by dentists such as hand instruments, plaster, drills, sterilizers, and dental chairs.

Medical Equipment and Apparatuses

This segment is made up of electro-medical equipment and irradiation apparatuses. Products from this segment include a variety of powered devices, such as pacemakers, patient-monitoring systems, MRI machines, and ultrasonic scanning devices.

Surgical Appliances and Instruments

This segment includes various appliances and instruments used in surgery, such as anesthesia apparatuses, orthopedic instruments, artificial joints and limbs, hydrotherapy appliances, blood transfusion devices, and hypodermic needles.

The Healthcare industry is Highly Fragmented. The production in this industry is divided among many different companies, no single firm has large enough share of the market to be able to influence the industry's direction or price levels.

Primary Demand Drivers

  • Demographics
  • Advances in medical care and technology

Profitability Drivers

  • Obtaining grants and federal funds
  • Efficient operations

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As the coronavirus continues to dominate society in the media, in professional careers, and in everyday life, interesting effects have been seen in the changing regulations across industries.  Because this virus is so unprecedented in its global reach, sweeping changes have been made across the world in attempts to best cope with the pandemic and to accommodate citizens.  Specifically, significant alterations in the regulation and allowances can be seen at banks, in the environment, in the medical sector, and in day-to-day operations like work and school.

By now, everyone has heard of the newly discovered virus called coronavirus (COVID-19). Despite its short existence, its impact has already spread to countries all over the world. There have been over 169,000 confirmed cases worldwide, including over 6,000 deaths. Being a virus that spreads from human to human, the general advice given by the World Health Organization is social distancing. As a result, many major conferences and events are postponed or canceled. People are strongly encouraged, sometimes even mandated, to avoid crowds and public events. Due to these precautionary steps, many industries are taking a hit, including the film industry.


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