Companies in this segment operate short-term lodging facilities which include hotels, motels, and resorts.

Air Travel

In this segment, companies provide scheduled domestic and international passenger transportation.

Food Services

The food services segment is composed of companies that provide meals, snacks, and beverages to customers for either on-site or off-site consumption.

The Hospitality and Travel industry is Fragmented. The production in this industry is divided among a few different companies, however, no single firm has large enough share of the market to be able to influence the industry's direction or price levels.

Primary Demand Drivers

  • Business and tourist travel
  • Strength of the domestic economy

Profitability Drivers

  • Efficient operations, because many costs are fixed
  • Effective marketing

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On November 26, 2021, a new variant, Omicron, of the coronavirus was discovered in South Africa. The World Health Organization declared this variant a concern due to Omicron's unusually high number of mutations and warned that the overall global risk is very high. Similar to other variants, these mutations impact how easily the virus spreads and the gravity of this virus when sick.

All-inclusive resorts are known for including the essential amenities of food, drinks, activities, and entertainment, in the booking price. These all-inclusive resorts range from white sand beaches to mountain top retreats. The all-inclusive resort market has been booming during 2021. Due to the pandemic, travelers are more drawn to vacation options in which they are able to stay in one place. Staying in one place removes the stress of planning do-it-yourself activities.  


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