• The Kingdoms of Urundi and Ruanda (present day Burundi and Rwanda) are incorporated into German East Africa.

  • Belgium forces occupy Ruanda-Urundi.

  • Urundi is separated from Ruanda-Urundi and becomes an independent Kingdom of Burundi.

  • Ethnic conflicts in Burundi causes deaths of 300,000 people. 

  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi relaunch the regional economic bloc, the Great Lakes Countries Economic Community - known under its French acronym CEPGL.

  • The Paris Club of creditor nations cancels all of the $134.3 million debt Burundi owed to its members.

  • The EU suspends financial aid to Burundian government given worsening political situations throughout the country.

  • Burundi is the first country to ever leave the International Criminal Court. The Court proceeds to investigate alleged crimes against humanity in Burundi.

  • Capital is moved to Gitega, while Bujumbura remains the commercial capital of Burundi.


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