• Cameroon becomes part of the western African colony of the German Empire and is called Kamerun.

  • Cameroon forces Germany out with the help of British and French forces.

  • The London Declaration divides Cameroon into French (80%) and British administrative zones (20%). The British zone is divided into Northern and Southern Cameroons.

  • French Cameroon granted independence and becomes the Republic of Cameroon.

  • Following a UN-sponsored referendum, British Southern Cameroon joins the Republic of Cameroon to become the Federal Republic of Cameroon, while Northern Cameroon joins Nigeria

  • Cameroon becomes a unitary state and is named the United Republic of Cameroon.

  • The business monitor, Transparency International, classifies Cameroon as the most corrupt country in the world.

  • The World bank approves funding for oil and pipeline project in Cameroon and Chad.

  • The Paris Club, a group of major lending nations, agrees to cancel almost all of Cameroon's $3.5 bn debt.

  • With Cameroon facing multiple threats and kidnappings from an Islamist group known as Boko Haram, Chad pledges their military support against these attacks.


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