Government Resources

Statistics Office
Stock Exchanges
Commerce Ministry
Investment Promotion Agency

News Sites

The Financial Mirror is a weekly business paper in Cyprus. The site has publications, videos, and blog posts that cover business news. Topics address current events related to the economy, finance, industries, and investment within the country. An option is available for a subscription to the Financial Mirror PDF Newspaper.

Regulatory Agency Sites

The Cyprus RadioTelevision Authority (CRTA) is the radio television regulatory authority for Cyprus. The CRTA site provides information about authority itself, its composition, legislation, and recent news. English version available with limited content. 

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is responsible for overseeing the investment services market and regulating transferable securities transactions. The site contains information about the CySEC, regulated entities, regulatory framework, and investor protection.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for economic policy development and the regulation of public funds within Cyprus. The site explains the divisions, services, and departments of the ministry. It also contains publications, economic indicators, legislation, and the minister's press releases.

Other Resources

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is a private law organization that promotes the views of the business community. The site includes information on the CCCI departments, independent services, and local chambers. It also contains publications, information on training activities, and professional online tests, which measures the knowledge of potential investors.