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Denmark: Agency and Distribution Agreements - a Lexwork International Exclusive picture_as_pdf

The document provides information about Danish agency and distribution agreements, such as freedom of contract laws and product liability agreements, competition and tax law, and international conventions. In addition, the document lists several websites describing Danish trade laws. Prepared by: Lund Elmer Sandager.

Government Resources

Main Government Page
Statistics Office
Commerce Ministry
Investment Promotion Agency

News Sites

The Copenhagen Post is the only regularly printed English-language newspaper in Denmark. The site provides local and international business news, as well as editor opinions on current business problems. News about sports, culture, and politics are also included on the site.

Regulatory Agency Sites

The Danish Agency for Digitization implements IT projects that focus on digitizing Denmark in order to provide better services to businesses and citizens. The agency operates a number of national digital service solutions, develops business cases and plans for profit realization, forms IT policies, and develops new technologies. The site provides detailed information about the agency and its activities, IT news, and figures and statistics related to the industry. 

The Danish Business Authority contributes to sustainable economic development and increasing Denmark's competitiveness. In addition, the authority is also responsible for regulating competition in the telecommunications and internet markets. This site details the responsibilities of the authority and regulations within the telecommunications sector.

The Danish Medicines Agency (DKMA) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries within Denmark. The site contains information on licensing and supervision, product information, medical devices, pharmacies, and the sale of medicines. A library of publications about pharmaceutical research and development is also available.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate aims to prevent climate change and address energy issues, meteorology, and buildings. It also conducts national geological surveys in Denmark and Greenland. The site contains information on the ministry's policies, legislation, an overview of the issues it is tasked to cover, and its EU and international policies. In addition, the site provides facts about energy supply, savings, and security, as well as recent news and press releases.

The National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark aims to create and expand knowledge about Earth and space physics as well as related space technologies. The institute fosters scientific research within Earth and space physics, provides technological research, and creates educational opportunities for new scientists and engineers. The website provides research information to its users as well as educational material. A news section also provides users with recent articles, photos, and videos related to the aerospace industry in Denmark.

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) is charged with the oversight and regulation of the Danish financial services industry. The site contains a list of laws, regulations, and statistics about the financial services industry in Denmark. An English version of the site is available. However, some features are only available in Danish. 

Other Resources

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is a private organization currently funded, owned, and managed by a multitude of companies within the manufacturing, trade, and service industries. This site offers consultancy, benchmark reports, and newsletters related to Denmark's enterprises. An "international section" provides users with information about the services provided by the confederation and its recent international business activities.