• Italy proclaims the colony of Eritrea.

  • British Forces occupy Eritrea during World War II.

  • After becoming a United Nations trust territory in 1949, the UN decides to make Eritrea a federal component of Ethiopia.

  • Ethiopia annexes Eritrea, turning it into a province, which marks the beginning of the war of independence. 

  • Soviet and Cuban forces interfere to help the Ethiopian government reverse significant advances made by Eritrean guerrillas.

  • Eritrea becomes independent and joins the UN.

  • Eritrean-Ethiopian border clashes turn into a full-scale war which leaves about 70,000 people dead.

  • After the Algiers Agreement peace treaty was signed in 2000, the two countries accept a new common border.

  • World Food Program warns of a dire food situation after a series of droughts. It extends emergency operations to help more than 840,000 people. 

  • Fighting breaks out between Djiboutian and Eritrean troops in the disputed Ras Doumeira border area.

  • Ethiopia and Eritrea ordered to pay each other compensation for their 1998-2000 border war.

  • The government introduces new-design banknotes, saying that old-style notes will no longer be legal tender.

  • Eritrea ends state of war with Ethiopia following Ethiopian diplomatic overtures.


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