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The Ministry of Public Health and Welfare (MSPAS), was established to ensure the right to health of the inhabitants of Guatemala. The MSPAS regulates the health services, and controls the financing and management of the resources, orienting it towards health promotion, disease prevention and people recovery and rehabilitation with quality and equity. This resource is only available in Spanish.

The Superintendency of Telecommunications (SIT) is a technical body of the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure, and Housing in Guatemala. SIT manages the operation of the radio spectrum, grants licenses to telecommunications providers, resolves disputes, ensures producer compliance with legislation, and promotes international treaties and agreements. This website is only available in Spanish.

Other Resources

The Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala, also known as Camara de Comercio, is an organization that assists in the development of the Guatemalan trade and business sectors. The site provides advice for legal, fiscal, and labor practices, information about international trade, and various publications. This site is only available in Spanish.