• Jamaica is occupied by the Spaniards under a license from Columbus's son.

  • Jamaica is captured by the British and is officially ceded to the British in 1670 under the Treaty of Madrid. 

  • An earthquake strikes Port Royal, which was once considered the busiest trading center of the British West Indies. 

  • Jamaica becomes a British crown colony.

  • Banana plantations are set up in Jamaica to reduce the economy's dependence on the declining sugar cane industry.

  • Jamaica becomes independent within the British Commonwealth.

  • Violent protests begin to take place following a 30% increase in fuel prices. Government increases security measures as crimes increase significantly. 

  • Hurricane Ivan strikes Jamaica, destroying thousands of homes.

  • Prime Minister Simpson-Miller proposes Jamaica breaks away from the British monarchy to become a republic. 

  • The Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs states that the transition to a republic is to be completed by the general election in 2025. 


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