• The Maldives Islands become a protectorate of the Dutch. 

  • The Islands becomes a self-governing British protectorate.

  • Maldives becomes a republic under the Commonwealth.

  • Maldives becomes independent as a sultanate outside the Commonwealth.

  • Republic is reinstated and the sultan is deposed. 

  • The Maldives rejoin the British Commonwealth.
  • Growth in tourism fuels economic growth.

  • After a Tsunami hit many Islands in the Maldives, the government states that the national disaster has set development work back by 20 years.

  • Civil unrest provoked in the Malé, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and Addu Atoll of the Maldives on August 12, which led to events that supported democratic reform of the country.

  • President Gayoom ratifies a new constitution that introduces the first multi-party presidential elections. 

  • Mohamed Nasheed defeats President Gayoom in the second round of voting. 

  • President Nasheed declares that the Maldives will become carbon-neutral within a decade by completely switching to renewable energy sources. 

  • The Maldives announces it is leaving the Commonwealth, after the organization warned that the country risked suspension without progress in promoting democracy. 


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