• The French gain control of the southern region of Mauritania and declare it as a colonial territory in 1904.

  • Mauritania becomes a part of the French West Africa.

  • Mauritania becomes a French overseas territory.

  • Mauritania becomes independent.

  • Mauritania and Morocco divide up Spanish Sahara, now known as Western Sahara, after Spain pulls out. 

  • Mauritania signs a peace agreement with the Polisario front and renounces its claim to Western Sahara. Morocco annexes Mauritania's former share of the territory.

  • The US cuts its development aid over Mauritania's treatment of its black population and its support for Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War.

  • The UN grants Mauritania food aid after severe locust infestations in 2004.

  • Mauritania is kicked out of the African Union and readmitted in 2007.

  • Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Algeria set up joint command to tackle threat of terrorism

  • Ould Abel AZIZ was reelected president in 2014.

  • Mohamed Cheikh EL GHAZOUANI was inaugurated as president. 


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