Government Resources

Central Banks
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Regulatory Agency Sites

The Ministry of Health, also known as the Ministerio de Salud, in Nicaragua manages the standards for healthcare facilities, water and agriculture sanitation, as well as drug approval and distribution. The ministry's website contains information on the institution itself, its branches, recent health news, statistics, and upcoming events. Only available in Spanish.

Other Resources

The Chamber of Commerce and Services of Nicaragua, known in Spanish as la Cámara de Comercio y Servicios de Nicaragua, coordinates and represents the industrial private sector of the country. It promotes trade and helps its members to understand and use trade laws and governmental requirements. Its site has links to support programs, training, publications and investment projects. The site is available only in Spanish.

PRONicaragua is Nicaragua’s official investment agency. It promotes investments through innovative strategies and supports investors through recommendations and various support services. The website provides information on investment opportunities, success stories, and procedures for investing.

The Nicaraguan Stock Exchange, also known as Bolsa De Valores De Nicaragua (BVN), is the only organized securities market in the country. Information for investors regarding investing and financing is provided as well as details on legal frameworks and regulations. Only available in Spanish.