• Germany annexes Western Samoa, while the US gains control over Eastern Samoa, and Britain withdraws its claims to the islands in accordance with a treaty between the three countries.

  • New Zealand occupies Western Samoa during World war I and continues to administer it after through a League of Nations mandate.

  • Western Samoa becomes independent, the first Pacific island nation to do so.

  • Cyclone Ofa hits the islands causing massive devastation, leaving around 10,000 people homeless.

  • Western Samoa changes its name to Samoa.

  • Samoa "skips" a day at the end of the year, and jumps westward across the international dateline to bring it in the same time zone as its main trade partners, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Samoa joins the World Trade Organization.
  •  Constitution amended to create parliamentary quota system designed to ensure that after next election, women will hold at least 10% of seats in the 49-seat parliament or Fono.


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