• Taiwan is formally annexed by the Qing dynasty in China.

  • Taiwan is ceded to Japan after China loses the First Sino-Japanese War.

  • US places Taiwan under Chinese administrative control after Japan surrenders. 

  • A period of rapid industrial development that is attributed to an export-oriented policy and US economic aid.

  • A 50-year ban on direct trade and investment with China is lifted by Taipei.

  • Taiwan officially enters the World Trade Organization.

  • After China drops objections to Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization, Taiwan states that it will lift its ban on investment from China.

  • Taiwan and China sign a free trade pact, making it one of the most significant agreements after nearly 60 years of separation. 

  • Formal channels are established to settle disputes by China and Taiwan after an investment protection deal is signed. China had become Taiwan's biggest trading partner, with bilateral trade worth $110 billion a year. 

  • The Cross-Strait services trade agreement is signed between Taiwan and China, allowing both sides to easily invest in one another's services market. 

  • For the first time in about 30 years, Taiwan experiences greater annual economic growth compared to China.


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