• Portugal establishes trading posts along the Gambia river.
  • Portugal sells exclusive trade rights on the Gambia river to the English.
  • Great Britain is given possession of The Gambia in the Treaty of Versailles that ends the American Revolution.
  • Britain and France reach an agreement on The Gambia's boundaries, and it becomes a British Crown Colony.
  • Slavery is banned.
  • The Gambia gains independence as a constitutional monarchy within the British Commonwealth.
  • The Gambia becomes a republic.
  • The Treaty of Confederation is signed between Senegal and The Gambia after an attempted coup against The Gambia's president. The treaty creates the Senegambia Confederation, which aims to combine the nations' armed forces, economies, and currencies.
  • The Gambia withdraws from the Senegambia Confederation.
  • The Gambia and Senegal sign a friendship treaty.
  • A new constitution with a multiparty system is put into effect.


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