• The British seize control of the city of Aden from Yemen. The city serves as a major refueling port when the Suez Canal opened in 1869.

  • After being forced out in the 1600's, the Ottoman Empire recaptures North Yemen.

  • The Ottoman Empire dissolves and North Yemen gains its independence.

  • After army forces seize power, they set up the Yemen Arab Republic in northern Yemen.

  • The People's Republic of Yemen is formed in southern Yemen and is comprised of Aden and South Arabia.

  • The Arab League intervenes and forces a ceasefire to stop border clashes between the two Yemens.

  • The two Yemens unite as the Republic of Yemen and a coalition government is formed in 1993.

  • Al-Qaeda strikes oil supertanker MV Limburg in the Gulf of Aden. The attacks costs Yemen significant port revenues. 

  • The Houthis Shia group rebel against the government in the North, sparking a period of prolonged conflicts. 

  • The Houthi rebels take control of the capital city of Sanaa, which forces Saudi Arabia and the GCC members to intervene and back the government. 

  • Separatists and government sign power-sharing agreement to end conflict in southern Yemen.


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