The Ministry of Textiles and Jute is in charge of developing policies for the apparel and textile industry in Bangladesh. Specifically, the Ministry is focused on furthering the development of Bangladesh's apparel sector. This website contains information on current projects and policies being used by the Ministry. The site is available in English, but many of the publications and reports are only available in Bengali.

The Ministry of Textiles of India is responsible for policy formulation, planning, development, export promotion, and trade regulation with respect to the apparel and textiles industry. The ministry's site provides information regarding the specific sectors in the apparel and textiles industry, related statistics, and recent news. Information about the ministry, its responsibilities, and regulations are also provided by the site.

The Ministry of Textile Industry in Pakistan is in charge of the regulation and development of the apparel and textile industry in Pakistan. This site contains listings of current projects, news, and events. It also provides information regarding policies and textile organizations. Publications pertaining to the ministry are also available for free download.