Contractors provide oversight with regards to the various types of construction, management of vendors and trades, and communication between all parties involved with a particular construction project.

Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

This segment includes establishments that construct highways, streets, roads, airport runways, public sidewalks, or bridges. The type of work performed may include new work, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and repairs.

Housing and Building Construction

This segment includes the construction of various buildings, such as houses, industrial buildings, and commercial buildings.

Iron and Steel

Companies in this segment convert pig iron into steel, make steel, and manufacture steel as needed.


Stone is a building material in the construction industry which is recognized as a viable material due to its durability and visually appealing quality.


Companies in the lumber segment manufacture various products including veneers, plywood, engineered wood members, or reconstituted wood products.

The Construction industry is Fragmented. The production in this industry is divided among a few different companies, however, no single firm has large enough share of the market to be able to influence the industry's direction or price levels.

Primary Demand Drivers

  • Economic health of domestic country
  • Government spending on infrastructure

Profitability Drivers

  • Ability to bid accurately
  • Ability to secure contracts
  • Ability to control costs

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News coverage shows the chaos currently engulfing the Gaza Strip. The Israeli bombardment has so far destroyed 50 factories that previously produced food, textiles, and other goods according to the Vice President of the Palestinian Federation of Industries, Ali Al-Hayek. In addition to the poor economic effects of these attacks, citizen’s homes have also been destroyed. During July’s fighting alone, at least 2,655 homes have been extremely or entirely damaged. Inevitably, Gaza will have to undergo massive reconstruction once the conflict resides, however there are major problems associated with cost and trade that could prevent it from doing so.


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