The Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of the Interior (CPAMI) is responsible for the planning and regulation of construction within China. This site contains information on current news, how to bid on Chinese projects, and relevant conferences.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate aims to prevent climate change and addresses energy issues, meteorology, and buildings. It also conducts national geological surveys in Denmark and Greenland. The site contains information on the ministry's policies, legislation, an overview of the issues it is tasked to cover, and its EU and international policies. In addition, the site provides facts about energy supply, savings, and security, as well as recent news and press releases.

The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation is responsible for promoting the development and growth of the service and manufacturing sectors within Sweden. The ministry is also charged with monitoring the agriculture, construction, and food and beverage industries in the country. This website details in depth the ministry's areas of responsibility, organization, and its relationship with the European Union. Recent news related to the ministry is posted on the main page of its website.