is a daily online news service available as a free-access website and provides daily and weekly newsletters to subscribers. The team seeks out news stories and data of value to decision-makers in the beverage industry in Europe.

The Consumer Brand Association (CBA) assists members in producing safe products through scientific research, testing, and evaluation. The CBA website provides information about various issues, policies, and resources such as research, reports, and technical guidance and tools. In addition, recent news, events, and newsletters are available on the site.

Food Logistics is a resource on logistics and supply chain management within the food and consumer packaged goods industry. This website provides various free newsletters that are published on a bi-weekly and weekly basis. The newsletters cover many topics including sustainability in food practices, software and technology, and safety and security in regards to agribusiness. The site also provides industry news and sponsored research.

FoodDrinkEurope represents the food and beverage industry of the European Union. The website includes information about industry and policy areas, major press releases, publications, and a listing of events, data, and trends related to these industries.

Information can be found on on industry projects such as bakeries, snack food, and meat processing plants. Additionally, the site gives information on companies and products in the industry. The site also offers information on consumer trends and market data as well as a newsletter for those who sign up. 

Global Wine and Spirits provides a platform-specific to wine, beer, and spirits for importers, exporters, and anyone else at the company level interested in this industry. The site provides listings of offers, requests, and industry professionals. A paid membership is required for services more advanced than viewing for sale items.

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is a nonprofit scientific society with more than 22,000 members working in food science, food technology, and related professions in industry, academia and government. The Institute publishes different resources for the food industry and conducts its annual IFT Food Expo. Also available on their website is a career center, information about food technology, and a listing of meetings/events.

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) presents trade and logistic information about the international food service industry. It provides a wide variety of resources related to the logistics of the international food industry. The website contains information about issues on food industry regulations, food safety, labor, transportation, and healthcare.

Progressive Grocer provides updated news covering multiple areas of the food retail industry including fresh food, deli, beverages, technology, and equipment. The site also includes industry reports and analysis, as well as a list of directories and upcoming conferences. This is a great resource for business people in the food industry to stay up to date on current and emerging trends.

Restaurant News Resource (RNR) provides links to news articles on various restaurant industry topics, including development, finance, sales and marketing, and trends. The site also offers information about job openings, available realty, and suppliers under the resources section. 

The Specialty Food Association (SFA) provides articles about the food industry that focus on fostering trade, commerce, and interest in the specialty food industry. This site features an extensive product, company, and content finder, which allows users to search by keyword. Also available are recent news articles, webinars, and a listing of events. Most uses of the website are free of charge, but there is a membership fee for producers, suppliers, and retailers.

Located at the University of Minnesota, the Food Industry Center provides newsletters, a series of working papers, publications, and information on events within the food industry. offers a wide range of current industry information to help exporters of U.S. goods and services get the information they need to compete successfully in overseas markets. This information includes trade events, market research, statistics and data, publications, industry associations, and points of contact for the industry.

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is a foundation with the mission of promoting social and economic development in countries that produce cocoa. This site provides information including an entire research library covering scientific as well as socioeconomic topics. Some of the manuals provided by the site are written in French, but all publications posted are available for free download in PDF format.