The Department of the Environment and Energy designs and implements policies and programs to protect and conserve the environment, water, and heritage while promoting climate action. The department deals with topics including air quality, national fuel quality standards, and renewable energy. The site is a source for information regarding the department's legislation, grants, permits and licenses, and programs.

Public Safety Canada protects Canadians from risks such as natural disasters, crime, and terrorism. Its official website includes information on national security, border strategies, countering crime, and emergency management. The website is available in English and French.

The Ministry of Education and Research in Norway is responsible for primary, secondary, upper secondary, higher level, and tertiary vocational education sectors. It is also responsible for kindergartens, cultural schools, and research. In addition, the site provides current information on several topics related to education in Norway, official documents, and other resources.

The Ministry of Education and Research in Sweden is responsible for all levels of education and funding research within the country. Its website describes the ministry's activities and responsibilities in-depth and provides recent news and publications related to educational research.

The Environment Agency is the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. This site provides environmental information including statistics, publications, policies, and consultation on environmental issues.

The Department of Education (ED) promotes educational excellence and equal access to schooling. The department establishes policies on federal financial aid for education, monitors these funds, and collects data on US schools. Its site provides in-depth coverage of the types of student loans and grants available for students pursuing an education at a post-secondary institution. Users may also access a library containing laws related to education as well as data and findings from research done by the ED.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) works to regulate and strengthen the national housing market. Information is included on different housing topics for different audiences, including home buyers, homeowners, and landlords. In addition, the site provides information by states, topic areas, and additional resources.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects human health and the environment by developing regulations, giving grants, studying environmental issues, and teaching people about the environment. The EPA ensures that all Americans are protected from health risks and partakes in national efforts to reduce environmental risks. On this site, you can learn about the laws and regulations that protect the environment as well as potential risks that are of interest to the EPA.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) promotes the progress of science, advances national health, prosperity, and welfare, and secures national defense. NSF funds research conducted by universities and supports all fundamental science and engineering fields. Users can read about recent discoveries, news, statistics, and publications.