The Midwestern state of Ohio may be best known as the birthplace of aviation. The Wright brothers, responsible for the world’s first successful airplane flight, hailed from Ohio and conducted many experiments in the state.  Prominent astronauts including Neil Armstrong and John Glenn also call Ohio home. Ohio has also produced eight U.S. presidents, giving rise to the state’s unofficial nickname, the “Mother of Presidents.” As part of the grain belt, agriculture has always played a significant role in Ohio’s economy. Soybeans, corn, dairy products, and hogs are currently atop the state’s agricultural outputs. The agricultural industry also spawned the growth of Ohio’s manufacturing sector, which got its start through the production of farm tools and machinery. As the manufacturing sector in the United States has slowed, increases in the service sector have helped to diversify the Ohio economy.  Finance, insurance, and real estate are now among the state’s top industries.

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