• Captain James Cook explores the east coast and claims it for Great Britain, naming it New South Wales.
  • Gold is discovered at several locations and the population increases three-fold over the next decade.

  • The six states in Australia unify, becoming The Commonwealth of Australia. An anti-immigration law is passed that only allows whites to move to the country.

  • The Great Depression hits Australia hard, causing high levels of unemployment and decreased demand abroad for Australian exports.
  • Australia passes the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act which formally establishes the country‚Äôs complete independence, although this had informally been the case for years.
  • The government begins programs to encourage immigration from Europe. This effort brings in over two million people during the next 3 decades.
  • Australia introduces new immigration laws, restricting the number of unskilled workers allowed into the country.
  • Australia and East Timor sign an agreement that will divide revenues from oil and gas reserves that are found in the Timor Sea.

  • Economic growth forecasts are decreased after the country is hit with its worst drought in a century. Farming output drops significantly.

  • Japan and Australia agree to a trade deal that will lower tariffs between the two nations.


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