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The Ministry of the Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan aims to increase the agricultural capacity of the country. The site provides information about legislation, international cooperation, and statistical information. In addition, users can find in-depth information about various sectors, such as plant-growing, technical policies, and production facilities. 

The Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan Republic is responsible for implementing the policy regarding national defense, aviation, communication and radio-electronics, and engineering. The site provides information about various enterprises, production, e-services, and recent news. The site also provides useful country resources regarding information on national leadership.

The Ministry of Economy and Industry is in charge of implementing all legislation and regulation that impact trade and economic development in Azerbaijan. This website contains economic statistics, information for entrepreneurs, data on regional and international development, and a list of relevant legislation.

The National TV and Radio Council (NTRC) regulates broadcasting in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The NTRC regulates broadcasts by managing the radio frequency spectrum, granting licenses and resources to operators, protecting consumers from inappropriate and inefficient broadcasts, and encouraging technological innovations. Although an English version of the site is available, the majority of the pages are only available in Azerbaijani. 

Other Resources

This general information portal for Azerbaijan provides news and information on Azerbaijan's history, economics, culture, and politics. In addition, the site offers maps detailing the locations of various industries and other demographics. Information can also be found describing Azerbaijan's status in the international realm.