• The Spanish conquer Bolivia, which becomes a part of the vice-royalty of Peru.

  • Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan freedom fighter, liberates the country from Spanish rule.
  • Bolivia gains its independence. 

  • Bolivia becomes landlocked after losing its mineral-rich, coastal territory to Chile following the War of the Pacific.

  • The rubber rich province of Acre on the Brazilian border is sold to Brazil after Bolivia is unsuccessful in quelling an autonomous rebellion in the region.

  • The military regime is overthrown and new president, Victor Paz Estenssoro, introduces economic reforms including the nationalization of tin mines and land distribution.

  • US and European nations suspend aid alleging corruption and drug trafficking. Aid resumed three years later following the country's introduction of austerity measures.

  • The tin market collapses, resulting in the loss of twenty-one thousand miner jobs.

  • A major deal is signed to allow Bolivia to export gas via a Peruvian port.
  • Bolivia completes its gas nationalization program, giving the state control over foreign energy firms operating in the country.

  • The presidents of Bolivia, Venezuela, and Argentina sign joint energy deals worth more than $1 billion.


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