Key Figures

Chief of State:
President Luis Alberto Arce Catacora
Head of Government:
President Luis Alberto Arce Catacora


Government Name:
Plurinational State of Bolivia
Adopted: 2009; Defines Bolivia as a unitary plurinational, and secular state. Additionally, it calls for a mixed economy of state, private, and communal ownership; restricts private land ownership to a designated amount; and recognizes various autonomies at the local and departmental level.
Government Type:
Plurinational State of Bolivia Flag
Coat of Arms of Plurinational State of Bolivia

Index of Economic Freedom

Grades each country on a scale of 0 to 100, based on ten freedoms, with 100 representing the greatest amount of economic autonomy from government intervention. Source: Heritage Foundation (2023)

Country Risk Rating

A very uncertain political and economic outlook and a business environment with many troublesome weaknesses can have a significant impact on corporate payment behavior. Corporate default probability is high. Source: Coface (2023)

Government Branches

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle 1

The president possesses the executive authority.

The president is elected by popular vote to a five year term.

4 years


The supreme court exercises legal power and upholds the constitution.

Supreme court judges are appointed to 10 year terms through popular vote.

10 years


The national congress is the main legislative body of government. Its lower house is the chamber of deputies, and its upper house is the senate.

The 36 members of the chamber of senators are elected by proportional representation from party lists to serve 5-year terms. There are 130 members of the chamber of deputies, 70 of which are directly elected from a single district, 7 are directly elected from non-contiguous indigenous districts, while another 53 are elected by proportional representation from party lists.

3 years

Regional Trade Blocs

International Organization Participation [2]

Environmental Agreements [3]

Tax Information [2]

Tax Authority:
Internal Taxes Service
Tax Name:


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