• Brunei cedes the island of Labuan to Britain, bringing it to its current size.

  • Brunei becomes a British protectorate.

  • Brunei begins to extract oil.

  • Japan occupies Brunei during World War II.

  • Brunei becomes independent from Britain.

  • Brunei's government begins to retain 25% of its labor force in order to diversify its economy away from oil and develop new industries.

  • France denotes Brunei as a tax haven, increasing taxes on French businesses operating in Brunei. Exploration of oil areas off of the island of Borneo begins after Malaysia and Brunei end a border dispute happening since 2003.

  • Brunei becomes the first east Asian country to adopt sharia law, despite condemnation from international human rights groups. 

  • Brunei ratifies the Paris global climate agreement.


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