• The Bantu tribe unite several smaller states including Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique to form the Maravi Confederacy.

  • Britain begins exploring the area and begins to develop a river route into Central Africa in 1878 to enable trade.

  • The area of Malawi is renamed the British Central African Protectorate, which is later changed to Nyasaland in 1907.

  • Nyasaland declares independence as Malawi.

  • Malawi ends diplomatic relations with Taiwan, switching its allegiance to China.

  • A new national flag is introduced to Malawi

  • May: Malawi expels British high commissioner over a leaked diplomatic cable in which the envoy describes President Mutharika as increasingly autocratic.

    July: Anti-government protests leave 19 people dead. Britain halts all aid to Malawi, accusing the government of mishandling the economy and failing to uphold human rights.

  • President Mutharika dies, is succeeded by vice-president Joyce Banda. The following month she devalues the kwacha currency by a third to satisfy International Monetary Fund requirements to restore funding. This prompts panic buying of basic goods.

  • First of 70 defendants appear in court over the so-called Cashgate affair - the country's biggest corruption scandal so far.

  • Cyclone Idai causes extensive flooding and loss of life in eastern districts.


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