• The French take control of Mali and name it French Sudan.

  • Mali and Senegal form the Mali Federation which splits a year later.

  • Mali becomes independent. 

  • France cancels 40% of debt owed by Mali, which is around $80 million.

  • The World Food Program warns Mali of severe food shortages due to the drought and locust infestations that occurred in 2004. 

  • The Constitution was suspended in 2012 as protesters demanded a referendum on Constitutional change. 

  • An international conference gives 4 billion dollars to help rebuild Mali.

  • A peace accord is signed by the government, militia, and rebel factions in the north of Mali to end conflict. The government also signs a peace deal with ethnic Tuareg rebels to end decades of conflict. 

  • President Keita is overthrown in a military coups after months of protests demanding his resignation. 


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