People [1]


Population 38,499 (2016)
Population Growth Rate 0.5 annual % (2016)
Age Dependency Ratio Data Unavailable
Urban Population 100 % of total (2016)
Infant Mortality Rate 2.8 per 1,000 live births (2016)
Life Expectancy at Birth Data Unavailable
Age distribution Data Unavailable

Energy [2]


Data Unavailable


Data Unavailable

Natural Gas

Data Unavailable

Other [3]


Airports 0 (2017)
Cellular Telephones 33,297 (2016 est.)
Note: NULL
Highways 77 km (2010)
Note: NULL
Internet Users 29,116 (2016 est.)
Note: NULL
Telephones 46,575 (2016 est.)
Note: NULL

Geography & Environment

LocationWestern Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of France, near the border with Italy
Total Area2 sq. km
Land Area2 sq. km
Water Area0 sq. km
Coastline4 km
ClimateMediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers
Terrainhilly, rugged, rocky
Lowest PointMediterranean Sea 0 m
Highest Point Mont Agel 140 m


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