• France gains control of the territory of Senegal.

  • Senegal becomes part of French West Africa.

  • Senegal becomes part of the French Union.

  • Senegal becomes independent, as part of the Mali Federation. Later that year, Senegal pulls out of Mali Federation and becomes a separate republic.

  • The first constitution is drawn up.

  • The three-party political system is introduced.

  • The Senegambian Confederation is formed as Senegal and neighbouring Gambia aim to combine military and security forces.

  • The Senegambian Confederation is dissolved.

  • The government signs peace accord with separatist rebels in Casamance. But there is little follow-up as separatists go through splits and leadership changes.

  • A dispute with neighbouring Gambia over ferry tariffs on the border leads to a transport blockade. The economies of both countries suffer.

  • One faction rebel group declares a unilateral cease-fire in support of ongoing peace talks.

  • Army ousts President Bashir after months of protests against his rule.


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