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Spain: Agent, Distributor and Sales/Marketing Representative Laws in Spain - a Lexwork International Exclusive picture_as_pdf

This document outlines how agents, distributors, and sales representatives are treated differently under Spanish law. It also describes exclusivity and non-competition provisions, choice of law, special tax considerations for businesses, and international conventions. It also provides links to several useful Spanish websites. Prepared by: DS Advocats. Opens in PDF. 

Government Resources

Main Government Page
Statistics Office
Central Banks
Stock Exchanges
Export Promotion Agency
Investment Promotion Agency

News Sites

La Gaceta is a Spanish business newspaper published by the Madrid-based business group Negocios. The group publishes a magazine, Dinero, and owns the radio station Radio Intereconomía. The site is only available in Spanish.

Regulatory Agency Sites

The Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC) regulates the audiovisual communication sector in Catalonia, promotes legislation to protect the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and issues annual reports to parliament and the Spanish government. The CAC website provides information about the Council, a portal of transparency, research, and news reports. This resource has some English translations but is mostly in Spanish and Catalan. 

The General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the insurance and pension sectors of the Spanish Financial Services Industry. The site contains information on the sector and investment professionals and an area to file any regulatory concerns. 

The Spanish Agency for Medicine and Health Products (AEMPS) evaluates and authorizes medicines for human and veterinary use. AEMPS monitors the safety and efficacy of medicines, licenses and inspects pharmaceutical laboratories, and fights against illegal drugs and counterfeit health products. The website provides information about human medicines, veterinary medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and hygiene, and the medical industry. 

The Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality in Spain regulates the healthcare industry by carrying out the government's policies on consumer health and assistance as well as protection against discrimination. It also manages the budget for Spain's various public health facilities. This resource provides information about the Ministry and its services, statistics, and publications. A limited English version is available. 

The National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) is an independent public body that supervises and regulates several markets of Spain. The Parliament of Spain created the CNMC in 2013 by the integration of the National Competition Commission, National Energy Commission, Commission of Telecommunications Market, National Postal Sector Commission, and the State Council for Audiovisual and Railway Regulatory Committee And Airport. The site provides information about the CNMC, its areas of action, and services for consumers, as well as agreements and legislative decisions, reports, and press releases. A limited English version of the website is available. 

The National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) specializes in aerospace research and technology development in Spain. It provides technical and consulting services to other agencies and companies, and it serves as a technological center for the Ministry of Defense in Spain. The INTA website provides information about the agency's capacities and the various sectors it serves. A limited portion of the website is available in English.

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the capital markets sector of the Spanish financial services industry. The site contains information on the markets, listed companies, and investment firms. This resource is available in Spanish with a limited English translation.

Other Resources

Catalonia Trade & Investment is a public agency that promotes Barcelona and Catalonia to potential foreign direct investors. The site provides information about the business environment of Catalonia as well as its sectors, investment in the region, innovation, and startups. 

The Canary Islands Statistics Institute, also known as El Instituto Canario de Estadística (ISTAC), is the central statistical system and official center for investigation on the Government of the Canary Islands. ISTAC is tasked with providing statistics on topics such as the environment, the economy, demographics, society, technology, and science. The ISTAC website also provides news reports, descriptions of its services, and synthesis statistics. This resource is only available in Spanish.