• Tajikistan is divided, northern Tajikistan falls under Tsarist Russia, and southern Tajikistan is annexed by the Emirate of Bukhara.

  • Tajikistan becomes the third-largest cotton-producing republic in the Soviet Union, and heavy unions, such as aluminum, are introduced.

  • The Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union declares a state of sovereignty for Tajikistan.

  • The Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union declares Tajikistan to be independent from the Soviet Union. Tajikistan joins the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) after the Soviet Union collapses.

  • After finding that Tajikistan submitted false data, the International Monetary Fund orders the return of a $47 million loan. Additionally, Russia agrees to write off Tajikistan's $240 million debt in return for cession of a Soviet-designed space tracking station.

  • Tajikistan settles an old border dispute with China by agreeing to cede some land.


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