• At this time, Portugal controls most of the East African coast, including present-day Tanzania.
  • The League of Nations gives Britain a mandate over Tanganyika, today's mainland Tanzania.
  • Tanganyika becomes independent.
  • Zanzibar, the archipelago part of Tanzania, becomes independent.
  • The Tanganyika African National Union and Zanzibar's Afro-Shirazi Party come together to form the Party of the Revolution, which is declared the only legal party in Tanzania.
  • Tanzanian forces invade Uganda and occupy the capital city of Kampala.
  • The constitution is amended to allow for a multi-party political structure.
  • The presidents of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya form a regional parliament and court of justice in Arusha to legislate on matters of common interest, such as trade and immigration.
  • Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao signs agreements to support Tanzania's health, transport, and communications sectors.
  • The African Development Bank cancels $640 million in debt owed by Tanzania.
  • Tanzania joins the East African Common Market, which aims to integrate the region's economy.


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