• Britain and Germany sign an agreement which allows Germany to establish a sphere of influence over mainland Tanzania, while Britain would be able to establish a protectorate over Zanzibar.

  • British, South African, and Belgian occupy the majority of German East Africa, including present day Tanzania. 

  • The League of Nations gives Britain a mandate over Tanganyika, which is currently the Tanzania mainland.

  • The United Nations coverts Britain's mandate over Tanganyika into a trusteeship.

  • Tanganyika gains independence from Britain.

  • Zanzibar becomes independent from Britain.

  • Tanganyika and Zanzibar are merged to form a sovereign state, and are renamed the United Republic of Tanzania.

  • A good mine is opened near the northern town of Mwanza, leading to Tanzania becoming Africa's third largest producer of gold. 

  • Visiting Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao signs agreements with Tanzania to help strengthen the health, transportation, and communication sectors.

  • The African Development Bank announces the cancellation of over $640 million of debt owed by Tanzania, due to the improvement of Tanzania's economic record and accountability of public finance. 

  • Tanzania helps form the East African Community, which is intended to integrate the region's economy.

  • British arms and aircraft firm BAE Systems admits setting up sham compensation arrangements worth $8.7 million for the sale of an overly complex air-traffic control system, and agrees to pay Tanzania $32 million in compensation.

  • The Statoil and Exxon Mobil oil exploration companies make a major discovery of gas reserves off the coast of Tanzania. 

  • Uganda and Tanzania agree to build the first major oil pipeline in East Africa.


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