• England and Wales are politically and administratively unified.
  • England and Scotland are unified as the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

  • The term "United Kingdom" become official after the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland unite.

  • Ireland, with the exception of six northern counties, gains its independence from the United Kingdom.
  • The United Kingdom's economy suffers greatly during the Great Depression, with millions left unemployed and Britain's world trade dropping by half.

  • The UK declares war on Germany after it invaded Poland, which led to heavy German air attacks on Britain, severely damaging infrastructure in many cities in Britain.

  • The United Kingdom becomes a founding member of NATO.
  • The United Kingdom joins the European Economic Community.
  • Margaret Thatcher becomes prime minister and begins to implement free-market policies.

  • A government program aimed at privatizing state-run industries is implemented.

  • The government part-nationalizes three leading banks with a 37 billion pound rescue package, as the global financial crisis hits the country.
  • The government announces large-scale public spending cuts in order to combat the United Kingdom's large budget deficit, with an average of 19% budget cut in government departments over four years.

  • The UK economy continues to shrink, marking a return to recession.
  • The United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union in a referendum, commonly referred to as the "Brexit."

  • The United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union, initiating an 11-month transition period while trade negotiations are finalized.


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