• The British South Africa Company gains a mandate from Britain to colonize Southern Rhodesia, present day Zimbabwe.

  • Britain creates the Central African Federation, made up of Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Nyasaland (Malawi). Lasts for a decade until Malawi and Zambia gain independence. 

  • Zimbabwe is internationally recognized as an independent country and joins the British Commonwealth.

  • Zimbabwe experiences an economic crisis driven primarily by high interest and inflation rates, causing riots and strikes. 

  • Due to the president's decision to implement a new land seizure program, the World Bank and IMF decided cut their financial aid, putting more pressure on the country's economy and leading to serious food shortages. 

  • The European Union imposes sanctions on Zimbabwe following a new law limiting media freedom. 

  • Zimbabwe leaves from the British Commonwealth after being suspended indefinitely. 

  • A new "indigenization" law forces foreign-owned businesses to sell majority stakes to locals. 

  • The Kimberly Process, which regulates the global diamond industry, lifts a ban on the export of diamonds from two of Zimbabwe's Marange fields. 

  • Central Bank phases out the Zimbabwe dollar, formalizing the multi-currency system introduced to counter hyper-inflation.


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