Companies in this industry create cloth by weaving, knitting, crocheting, or knotting.


Companies in this industry operate physical retail establishments that sell clothing and accessories.


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in spinning yarn, manufacturing thread of any fiber texturizing, and further processing into rope, fabric, or bags.

The Apparel and Textiles industry is Fragmented. The production in this industry is divided among a few different companies, however, no single firm has large enough share of the market to be able to influence the industry's direction or price levels.

Primary Demand Drivers

  • Consumer tastes
  • Comparative costs of manufacture in the U.S. and overseas

Profitability Drivers

  • Efficient operations
  • The ability to secure contracts with clothing marketers

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Watches have long been a staple accessory for both men and women across the globe, worn as both a fashionable piece to add to an outfit and a useful tool for keeping track of the time of day.  The additional value watches create as a generational keepsake, and their tendency to be an item that can hold its value over many years makes watches favorable investments or gifts.  With a variety of options from low to high price ranges, sport to luxury watches that feature varying materials, and newly popular smartwatches, the global watch market continues to do well despite the disruption that smartphones and similar technologies have caused.

A collaboration between Supreme, a top-tier streetwear brand, and Louis Vuitton, a high-end fashion company, has produced a hoodie that costs upwards of $7 thousand.  Another collaboration between Supreme and The North Face, a winter outerwear company, gave way to a $600 backpack.  So what’s causing this uptick in prices for everyday items?  Streetwear—the casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures—is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, with an estimated value of $309 billion.


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